With our products, services, ideas and solutions, we ensure that the most important food is protected and reaches people in the best possible condition.

We offer solutions in the areas of domestic connection technology and mobile water supply as well as systems for the efficient design of the drinking water network, which allow transparency and control.

We use resource-saving, lead-free and hygienic materials for our products. This is another reason why disinfection is very important to us. With our solutions for the disinfection of plants, installations and the drinking water itself you are on the safe side - easy, fast and environmentally friendly

Mobile Water Supply

Years of experience in the field of mobile water supply makes us a specialist. Above all, mobile and time-limited water supply points, despite seemingly professional installation, entail serious risks that are often hazardous to health.

The safe supply of clean drinking water is the focus of our actions. That is why we offer you high-quality and above all safe solutions for mobile water supply.

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Smart solutions for water supply

Our intelligent solutions play a major role in water supply 4.0. The focus is on areas such astransparency, security, control and, above all, efficiency in domestic connection systems and mobile drinking water supply.

These systems make the drinking water supply and drinking water supply more transparent, opening up a wealth of new possibilities for efficient and effective network control.

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Drinking water hygiene & disinfection

With our products, ideas and solutions, we ensure that the most valuable food, drinking water, arrives safely and in the highest quality in humans. In the area of ​​drinking water hygiene and the disinfection of plants, installations and drinking water itself, we have developed a series of innovative new solutions, especially with regard to the future of our environment.

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Supply Technology

In the field of home connection technology, we offer you the full program - from the street to the house. We value products of the highest quality to meet our and your needs and to guarantee longevity. Selected materials are perfectly usable for drinking water hygiene and protect the food on its way to the consumer.

Our products

Services for industry and OEM

In our role as a development partner, we want to offer our customers the best possible support and advice. The years of experience with metallic materials, design optimization, design design and production know-how makes us an expert in this field. We are happy to share this knowledge with you. You can trust us.