Gas installation. Reliable and safe.

Gas is a valuable resource that has to be treated with care and competence. As with water, gas has to be transported from the producer to the intended destination. This necessitates high-quality pipe systems, valves and connecting elements. Planners, distributors and fitters ensure a safe and efficient transport network and fulfil the various tasks and requirements of gas installation, taking the legal regulations and technical provisions into consideration.

The DVGW Worksheet G600 is authoritative for those responsible in the action chain. The worksheet determines the specifications for the planning, creation, modification, maintenance and operation of gas installations.

BEULCO gas installation products carry DVGW approval. The independent approval of the DVGW (the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water) is reliable proof of compliance with the recognised technical regulations and confirms the high quality and safety of BEULCO products.

In Germany, authoritative regulations are provided by the DVGW Worksheet G600 as well as the TRGI (Technical Ruse for Gas Installations, version of 2008). The TRGI contains specifications for planning, creation, modification, maintenance and operation. 

It applies to all gas installations that are operated with gases in the terms of the DVGW Worksheet G260 (excluding liquefied gas) in buildings and on plots with operating pressures of up to 1 bar. It covers distribution from the main isolating valve through to the release of the exhaust gas into the air.