BEULCO Service

All-round service for your backflow preventers directly from our expert.

According to DIN EN 806-5, backflow preventers must be tested annually for functionality, so that the technical components meet the high requirements for protection of drinking water.

Also health authorities pay more attention to the use of suitable safety devices and their perfect function. The function of a backflow preventer can be severely impaired by contamination, wear and improper use. In order not to threaten drinking water quality and consumer health, an annual audit is essential. BEULCO service offers you a cost-effective and safe alternative for time-consuming self-tests or expensive shipping of system dividers to the manufacturer.

Our Service

Make use of the know-how of our service and let us carry out the annual inspection quickly and accurately by our experienced service staff. BEULCO service packages include testing, optional cleaning and repair of system disconnectors on site. Also we remind you in good time of the next due inspection date and agree on a suitable date.

Visual inspection and dismantling

The backflow preventer is first examined as part of a visual inspection and then dismantled. Every single component is checked.


The filter element is cleaned professionally. If necessary, an advanced cleaning is done.

Exchange of defective items

If during the first inspection it was determined that any items are defective or damaged, these components will be replaced immediately. The system separator is then reassembled.

Check of the backflow preventer

The inlet backflow preventer, the drain valve and the outlet backflow preventer on the system separator are checked separately for function by means of an electronic test case.

Seal of approval

If the test has been passed, the backflow preventer is provided with a test seal.
If the test fails, the defective components will be replaced and rechecked.

Test certificate

Backflow preventers with a seal of approval guarantee reliability. Therefore, a certificate will be issued after the successful test.