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We are Beulco
Tradition meets innovation

Courageous innovative strength

through shared trust and targeted progress

We are a modern, family-owned medium-sized company based in Attendorn, South Westphalia. Recognized as one of the top providers of high-quality solutions for water supply across Europe, we have been committed to quality, safety, and, above all, innovation for over 70 years. Our dedication is to anticipate needs, positioning us as a reliable partner for our customers. We consistently explore new paths, step out of our comfort zone, and think outside the box.

Collaboration is a key focus for us, both internally and across departments. We foster collaboration with our partners, recognizing that it's through such partnerships that synergies can be harnessed for mutual development. Open to innovation, we consolidate our strengths, creating new possibilities and pathways for the future.

What defines us is our team, the sense of community, and the family standing behind Beulco. Approximately 200 employees work tirelessly every day for our customers, with the commitment to continually surpass our own expectations.


Drinking water is the focal point of our actions. Through the ideas and dedication of each employee, we develop products, systems, and solutions for the secure supply of clean drinking water – today and in the future. We prioritize the highest quality and precision, whether in our own catalog range or with customer-specific components. Ultimately, our aim is human health, hygiene, and sustainability, regardless of where the components are utilized.

One Company - four Pillars

Under the umbrella of BEULCO, there are four business segments. Each segment has its own focus, but all collectively embody the same values: safety, innovation, quality, and strong partnership.

BEULCO Industry

 BEULCO Industry specializes in material- and cost-optimized OEM products made of brass metals. We manufacture customized components and systems for renowned manufacturers in the plumbing, heating, and renewable energy sectors. Serving as a development partner, we tailor our approach to each customer, offering individualized consultations regarding the optimal material for their specific application. In addition to our manufacturing capabilities in casting, pressing, and machining, we enhance our services through assembly of components, surface finishing, and personalized packaging.


The BEULCO Water business segment focuses on products and systems for the secure supply of clean drinking water. We concentrate on three areas: house connection technology, mobile drinking water supply, and building technology. With over 70 years of expertise in these domains, we not only provide you with our products but also offer our know-how to support your needs.

BEULCO Digital

A few years ago, we began internal discussions on digitization and Industry 4.0. Initially, there were doubts about its necessity, as everything was running smoothly. However, we recognized the advantages and potentials of digitization for our company across all areas. This convinced us that companies in water supply can also benefit from the opportunities and possibilities of digitization.

For this reason, we established iQ water solutions - the digital brand of BEULCO. We complement analog products with intelligent software, sensors, and electronics to make water supply simpler, more efficient, and safer.


BEULCO stands for the secure supply of clean drinking water. Through products and systems, suitable materials, and high quality, we aim to ensure this. However, there are factors at the forefront and end of the 'chain' that negatively impact our drinking water—substances and chemicals that enter our water through surface or groundwater, where water treatment also reaches its limits.

Therefore, we want to contribute here as well. With sustainable, non-harmful cleaning and disinfectant agents, we provide an alternative.

Our focus

What accompanies us every day

Digitalization, sustainability, and our corporate culture - these are topics that we intensely engage with and explore. Because, for us, the environment, society, and our employees and their families are at the forefront. We have created a kind of vision for each area - many milestones have already been reached, but we never see an end here, as the potentials are too significant.

BEULCO from the employees' perspective - what do we stand for, and what defines the company for you?

"BEULCO represents an innovative company committed to ensuring the supply of fresh and clean drinking water. The team works towards this goal with full dedication. Sometimes unconventional but always goal-oriented. We are capable of responding promptly to market needs and providing products with pinpoint accuracy."

Hans-Dieter Ufermann
Management Board | R&D

"BEULCO is grounded yet always forward-looking. We have an excellent team here, with everyone having the opportunity to contribute and shape things themselves. At BEULCO, our employees are at the center. We think ahead on topics, even if not perfect immediately. We are ahead of our time, and that makes us unique."

Ina Hachenberg
Head of Marketing

"At BEULCO, we have a high willingness for change and seize the opportunities to shape our shared future."

Lutz Schopen
Management Board | Production

"At BEULCO, we break through old structures and venture into the new. We work together as a team on the future of BEULCO, with each of us contributing. Teamwork is highly valued, making us what we are: a family-owned business with tradition."

Lisa Berchter
Head of Business Unit BEULCO Industry
Mission & Vision

"We have clearly defined goals and a path on how to achieve them."

Our history

BEULCO was founded in 1950 in a garage in Attendorn - today, we are a family-owned company with an innovative spirit and a market leader in water supply systems.

Passion for drinking water

#DrinkingWaterPassion - a term that encapsulates everything we stand for. More than just a commitment, it's a passion. But what exactly is behind it?