Traditionsince 1950


On the 1st of January 1950, Karl Beul began producing special brass fittings in a small workshop in Attendorn and installed the first casting furnace for manufacturing fittings. In so doing, he realised a long-held dream of putting his ideas into practice as his own boss. Drawing from his imagination and typical Sauerland perseverance, he laid the foundation for a highly successful future for the company.


Further development of the BEULCO Clean disinfectant into a surface disinfectant.



Development of the new comprehensive corporate strategy "BEULCO 2025", with regard to topics such as digitization and Industry 4.0 This concept is a continuation of the "BEULCO in Motion" projects.

Launch of the first BEULCO disinfection system as well as the disinfectant BEULCO Clean for the cleaning and disinfection of drinking water.



Start of the intensive involvement with disinfection and disinfectants.



In order to meet the increasing demands of the continually changing market environment and remain competitive, the company had to keep moving. For this reason, BEULCO devised a comprehensive new company strategy that advanced the development of the company over the following years, under the name ‘BEULCO in Motion’.  By tapping into new markets and developing innovative products and systems in line with the market, the company permanently secured sustainable growth. Motivated and skilled employees provided the basis for stabilising and developing the core business. The years to come will therefore see intense focus on the qualification and development of employees.



BEULCO began establishing new sales agencies in Europe.



The distribution companies in Holland and Sweden became independent.



Axel Beul, Karl Beul’s grandson, took over the company as the sole shareholder and appointed an external management board and expert advisory board.


The production area was expanded to create space for screw machining and a modern high-bay storage facility.


After the founder Karl Beul passed away, sons Karl-Heinz and Rudolf Beul took charge of the company. Together with a strong team, they resolutely continued the dynamic development of the Gebr. Beul GmbH & Co. KG company. A 2000 m2 administrative building was constructed in the same year. BEULCO products were showcased at international trade fairs.


BEULCO established its first exhibition vehicles. This allowed customers for the first time to learn about all products and innovations on location. 


Collaboration with the Gerritsen family began on 1 January 1973, giving rise to BEULCO Holland.


In 1972, Göte and Margareta Selerup started the success story of Beulco Armatur AB in Sweden.


For the Munich Olympic Summer Games in 1972, the Olympic stadium was the first stadium in the world to use undersoil heating with hot-water plastic pipes. Here, it was necessary to find a screw fitting that could withstand constant changes between hot and cold water and the associated constant changes to the property of the pipe. This screw fitting had to meet the extraordinarily challenging requirements – and do so for the long run. After extensive stress tests were carried out, the decision was made to use the BEULCO screw fitting. The experience with this fitting was so good that it was also installed in new undersoil heating systems in other cities as well (Frankfurt, Bochum, Kaiserslautern, etc.).


Initial promotional activities increased the awareness of the high-quality BEULCO products on the market.


In 1956, only five years after formation, the young company patented the BEULCO screw connection – the first screw fitting for plastic piping which no longer required heating of the pipe for installation.


Just one year after forming the company, operations had to relocate within the company’s site in Attendorn due to rapid expansion. It was not possible to further increase capacities at the former location. A mechanics workshop was added to the foundry.