As a leading producer of metal connection systems and components for civil engineering and housing technology, BEULCO has the highest standards for quality, reliability as well as contractual and supplier performances. We are only able to meet these standards together with reliable partners. We believe in a high degree of flexibility, a good service and the willingness to be transparent as the basis for a successful partnership. We attach great importance to a cooperative and trusting cooperation as a guarantee for long-term business relationships.

We are always looking for national and international suppliers for the following areas:

  • Brass solid bars, hollow rods and profiles
  • Red brass solid bars, hollow rods and profiles
  • Chip and scrap sales
  • Gaskets
  • O-rings

We require designed parts made of brass, red brass, steel, stainless steel and plastic (pressure nuts, clamping rings, pipes).

Therefor we are seeking suppliers who offer the following processing methods:

  • turning
  • pressing
  • casting
  • injection casting
  • pressure dies
  • moulds
  • machining tools
  • installation service providers
  • surface technology (annealing, blasting, polishing, coating with chrome, tin and nickel)
  • packaging
  • C-parts and MRO-parts management
  • Messing Vollstangen, Hohlstangen und Profile
  • Rotguss Vollstangen, Hohlstangen und Profile
  • Span- und Schrottverkauf
  • Dichtungen
  • O-Ringe

Wir benötigen Zeichnungsteile aus Messing, Rotguss, Stahl, Edelstahl und Kunststoff (Druckmuttern, Klemmringe, Rohre).

Daher suchen wir Lieferanten, die folgende Verarbeitungsverfahren anbieten:

  • Drehen
  • Pressen
  • Gießen
  • Spritzguss 




  • Pressgesenke
  • Kokillen
  • Werkzeuge für die spanende Bearbeitung 

  • Montagedienstleister
  • Oberflächentechnik (Glühen, Strahlen, Polieren, Beschichten in Chrom, Zinn und Nickel)
  • Verpackungen
  • C-Teile und MRO-Teile Management 


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We attach importance to




Benefit from this opportunity and become our supplier

If you wish to be registered as a new supplier, please fill in the required supplier survey sheet and the appropriate performance profile.

For a cooperation we need the completed supplier survey sheet and the signed confidentiality agreement.

Please send the completed forms to Einkauf(at)

As soon as we have received your information, we will check the forms and contact you immediately.

We are looking forward to receiving your application!

Our suppliers guarantee

  • a consistently high standard of quality
  • flexibility as well as adherence to quantity and schedule stipulations
  • service and customer focus
  • a market-oriented and competitive pricing policy
  • a transparent and solutions-oriented cooperation
  • additional benefits beyond the competitive pricing 
  • the option of integrating business processes (A-suppliers)

You can contact us as follows

WeekdayBusiness hours
Monday - Thursday08:00 h until 17:00 h
Friday08:00 h until 13 h

Goods acceptance times

WeekdaysHours of goods acceptance

Monday - Thursday

06:45 h until 16:00 h
no good acceptance from 12:00 h until 13:00 h

Friday06:30 h until 14:15 h


We accept the goods at gate 13 (turn into "Am Eckenbach").

Please note that long goods will be accepted on gate 9.

Your contact partners

Ralf Weidner

Executive Board COO

Ralf Weidner

Phone: +49 2722 695 221
Fax:      +49 2722 695 5221
E-Mail: WeidnerRa(at)

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Cordula Fischer

Semi-finished products - red brass, sealing material, disposal and recycling, designed parts, purchased parts

Cordula Fischer

Phone: +49 2722 695 198
Fax:         +49 2722 695 5198
E-Mail:   FischerCo(at)

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Theo Heuel

Tools, auxiliary and operating materials, packaging,operations products, MRO- and C-parts

Theo Heuel

Phone: +49 2722 695 288
Fax:         +49 2722 695 5288
E-Mail:   HeuelTh(at)

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