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Products for solar installations

  • connectors an couplings for corrugated stainless steel pipes
  • connectors for copper pipes
  • connectors with

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Information all around solar installations

  • solarthermics
  • EU legislation
  • what are the goals for the next years?

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Main focus drinking water

Planners and installers of drinking water systems have the important and responsible task to maintain high water quality as well as to avoid errors in planning, installation, operation and during maintenance of the system.

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Top issue water sampling

  • What are legionella and why may they harm human health?
  • Why is sampling necessary?
  • What says the EU legislation?

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Products for water sampling

  • sampling valves
  • sampling valves for sampling at the angle valve
  • sampling sets and boxes

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Products for mobile water supply

  • stand pipes
  • backflow preventer
  • drinking water connection unit
  • accessories and spare parts

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Mobile water supply?!

  • Information all around the topic
  • Norms and regulations
  • Latest news

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Effective and efficient

Many regulations wordwide increasingly highlight the importance of an efficient and economical use of ressources. What is new and why is hydraulic balancing so important?

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BEULCO manifold technology made of high-quality brass ensure an efficient and effective heat distribution.

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Drinking water sampling

The Drinking Water Directive 98/83/EC of the EU prescribes regular tests of drinking water. In Germany, for example, sampling points and processes are clearly defined.

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Threaded fittings

BEULCO fittings are the optimal solution for water and heating installations. The great diversity of types makes it possible to find the perfect fitting for any situation.

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Water meter installation sets

For the safe installation of water meters, our installation sets are the optimal solution. The sets are qualified for new buildings, renovations or retrofittings of existing buildings.

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The QUICKTURN valves are a unique solution for extremely low installation heights or confined areas. Regular exchange of parts becomes unneccessary due to maintenance-free parts.

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The BEULCO water meter shaft

The modular system enables individual adjustments in height and angle. It is extremely lightweight and can thus easily be transported and installed by only one person.

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BEULCO wall ducts

Reliable sealings between supply lines and protecting pipes. BEULCO wall ducts are leakproofed against water, pressing groundwater and vagrant gas. 

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The BEULCO water meter shaft

The modular system enables individual adjustments in height and angle. It is extremely lightweight and can thus easily be transported and installed by only one person.

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With increasing frequency, new buildings and renovations of existing buildings are equipped without

suitable rooms for house connections or utility rooms. A water meter shaft is thus an optimal and common

alternative for the installation of a water meter facility.

Compression and plug-in fittings

Flexible and safe by highest quality.

Our range of connectors and couplings offers various types and forms - you can find the perfect product for your individual situation.

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Material makes the difference

We select the materials for our products very carefully. For us, a major factor is quality: our products and the material needs to meet the latest legal requirements, norms and regulations. Not only for Germany, but also internationally. Especially our connectors for drinking water systems are made of ECOBRASS, high-quality lead-free brass.

Gate Valves

BEULCO gate valves enable the safe locking of parts of conduit nets or pipeline systems.

The valves are designed in a way that the overwinding or breakage of spindles is not possible.

Thermal energy, i.e. heat, can be transported on a large scale in the form of district or local heating networks as well as on a small scale in heating installations. The requirements placed on planners and installation firms are high – in particular, the piping systems have to be set up in such a way that ensures the lowest possible loss of valuable energy. 

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BEULCO has an extensive product range for a wide spectrum of heat distribution sectors, from individual connectors for various pipe dimensions through to complete heating circuit distributors. In addition to the high quality provided by BEULCO, these products benefit from decades of experience in heat distribution.

Connectors and couplings

For the use in local and district heating, especially our connectors and couplings are suitable. 

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