Intelligent solutions for water supply.

BEULCO stands for an efficient, safe and transparent drinking water supply, especially in the field of domestic connection technology and mobile water distribution.

Our intelligent solutions play a major role in water supply 4.0. The focus is on areas such as transparency, security, control and, above all, efficiency. These systems make the drinking water network and drinking water supply more transparent, opening up a wealth of new possibilities for efficient and effective network control.


TrackIT stands for more security in the supply network and the minimization of abuse in the standpipe and drinking water area.

On the one hand, the locations and application of standpipes are visible through transparency and control, on the other hand possible causes of impairment of the drinking water and the distribution network can be identified quickly.

Standpipe Manager

The standpipe manager provides a holistic solution for the effective management of standpipes and digitizes the process of standpipe rental from reservation to return.

Extensive features ensure easy, efficient and effective standpipe management and process improvement.

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iQ water system

The iQ water system creates transparency and control in the water network, opening up new possibilities for effective and efficient network control.

It expands existing mechanisms with potential for leakage monitoring and minimizing water loss.



Effective and rapid disinfection of drinking water and drinking water distribution systems with the innovative disinfectant BEULCO Clean.

It is designed to be sustainable and breaks itself down again by 100%. Due to its composition, BEULCO Clean is not a dangerous good.

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