All standpipes - at a glance.

The problems in standpipe management and leasing range from damage or theft to unauthorized water withdrawal in foreign networks or on disallowed hydrants.

This may result in serious consequences like the contamination of drinking water or water networks, which need to be removed with high efforts.

TrackIT opens the possibility of localizing all standpipes and hydrants in a supply area and makes sure, that all relevant information about the standpipe and its usage is stored.

Further it is a tool for an easy, digital and efficient standpipe management.




The TrackIT platform offers a quick and simple overview of the current standpipe locations.

By means of virtual borders the water supply area can be pre-defined. In case a standpipe crosses the border and leaves the supply area, an automatic alarm is sent to the responsible person. This ensures an effective theft protection.

TrackIT makes supply areas more transparent and enables more efficient and effective work processes.


TrackIT means more safety in water supply networks as well as the minimization of abuse in the area of drinking water supply and standpipe usage.

Due to increased transparency and control the location of use and the type of application are visible on the platform. This may help identifying the causes of water or network contaminations.

The platform shows further parameter like the current outdoor temperature and the battery status of the tracker. In case critical values are reached (eg. frost temperatures), the system automatically sends warnings.

TrackIT platform

The TrackIT platform enables an efficient and effective management of the standpipe stock. Furthermore, it offers a localization solution to guarantee more safety in drinking water networks.

• Overview about all standpipes on the digital map
• Possibility to manage standpipes with basic information (number, name, type, maintenances)
• Lease contracts via PDF
• Notifications in case of status changes (eg. meter calibration or maintenances are due)
• Theft protection via geofencing (Alarm in case a standpipe leaves the defined border)
• Automatic alarms in case of limit values (temperature, battery, duration of leasing)
• Data logger feature makes activities replicable and creates a history
• Creating customer data
• Compliant with data privacy. No use of personal data

TrackIT GPS-Tracker

The resilent body withstands even the hardest conditions. The standpipe can be localized with the accuracy of nearly one meter.

• Shockproof, IPX7 compliant
• Low power consuption, long lifetime (depending on usage up to 3 years)
• Battery replaceable (alarm when low battery status)
• Energy-saving mode for resource-saving storage
• Thermal sensor with warning in case of frost
• Tracker is pre-installed or delivered as retrofitting solution (installation service available)

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