The new generation of efficient water supply.

The iQ water system creates transparency and control in the water network, enabling a new standard of efficiency and safety.

Globally, 30-35% of the drinking water transported by the water supplier to the end user is lost. Leakage due to leaking or defective components of the water supply network is responsible for this. Frequently, there is a lack of transparency and control in the network in order to optimally manage lines and thus manage loss management efficiently.

A system for efficient networks.

Do you know where, how and when your water is running?

The iQ water system provides transparency and control in the water network, opening up new possibilities for effective and efficient network control.

It expands existing mechanisms with potential for leakage monitoring and minimizing water loss.

What do you do at the end of the year - meter reading?

With iQ water control, meter readings are reported directly to the utility's system. iQ water control merges all the data and sends it encrypted to the utility company - of course compliant with data protection.

Data protection, data security, data storage, data abuse?

No problem. iQ water system processes all information legally compliant and compliant with data protection with a high level of security.

Data is encrypted directly and can not be viewed until decryption.

What else do you offer your customers - except water?

With iQ water system you can not only sell water - but at the same time a system that offers your customers added value. Leakage monitor, water consumption analysis and holiday function enable transparency and safety.

One System - Benefits for Utilities and Customers.

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Martin Lange

Martin Lange

Executive Board CSO

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