BEULCO BlackLine®

With BEULCO BlackLine® the next generation of plastic connectors has emerged. Function and material are aligned in a way that highest possible safety and best comfort are given during installation.

The connectors are made of extremely resistant high performance material (PP and POM).
It is characterized by high strength and hardness in a wide range of temperatures.  Additional features as the high heat resistance, a low friction coefficient and a minor water absorption
make the material coparable to metal.

It is resistant against UV, chemicals and corrosion. 


The chemical resistance of all materials enables the application with fluids other than water. You can find a list of compatible chemicals below. 


for plastic pipes
Ø 20mm up to Ø 63mm


  • drinking water
  • water
  • other fluids except water
    (see table with chemicals)

Kind of pipes:


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Fast and easy installation

Push and screw technology

No force is required to push the pipe past the seal, so installation cound not be faster or easier. Simply insert the pipe into the fitting until the first point of resistance is felt, and then tighten the nut. No special tools are required and there is no need to disassemble the fitting before use.

Easy  disassembly

The fitting has been designed so the clamping ring is released as soon as the nut is backed off, making disassembly easy.

Compact design

The size of the connector has been kept to a minimum, making it ideal to use in confined areas. In addition to making connections with minimal turns of the nut, the design and size of the connector means that in installations taking place between two fixed points, the manipulation of the pipe into the connector becomes easy. 


Highest possible saftey

Dynamic sealing method

The mechanical advantage of the nut thread compresses the seal into position, eliminating resistance when insertng the pipe into the fitting so there is no risk of seal distortion or displacement.


No loose components

If the nut is removed there is no danger of loosing components, as the clamping ring and the seal are retained in the body of the connector. Losing components in the trench becomes a thing of the past.

High Performance

Advanced material

The connector is made of extremely lightweight high performance thermoplastic materials with outstanding impact. It is resistant against UV, chemicals and corrosion. The material is non-toxic and taint-free.

Nominal pressure

The connector is pressure rated to 16 bar to meet the needs of high pressure systems.

Long life

It is build to withstand the toughest condistions to ensure longevity and durability. High quality and resistant material make a 50+ life possible (at 23°C).

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