The connector.

With loose insert pipe for drinking water and water.

With our specialist in the area of connections for water-bearing pipes, you are always on the safe side.

Few components, but many variations: one product for all situations.


for plastic pipes:
Ø 16 mm to Ø 75 mm


  • Drinking water
  • Cold and warm water up to 40 °C

Kind of pipes:

  • PE 80, PE 100
  • PVC (with clamping ring out of brass, without insert pipe)

The connector consist of only four components, thus our connector enables a quick and simple assembling without any special tool. The body is unmodified for each dimension. Only the insert pipe will be choosen according to the dimension of the pipe. With the suitable insert pipe, you can connect every dimension of plastic pipes.

The sealing is given by the clamping ring, which has two functions. The clamping ring keeps the pipe in the connector and ensures a safe sealing at the same time. A deformation of the plastic pipe is safely prevented.

Our connectors are made of thermally unstressed Ecobrass. Ecobrass is a lead-free alloy, qualified for using in drinking water areas according to drinking water regulation. The reliable brass is characterized by dezincification resistance and high durability.

DIN 8076-1DN 12 - DN 63Cold water
SVGW W/TPW 157DN 12 - DN 63Cold water
Kiwa BRL-K 17105/01DN 12 - DN 63Cold water

You can find the latest certificates here.

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