The connector.

Without insert pipe for drinking water and water.

A good system does not always require special tools to be effective - our connectors without insert pipe are the best choice for everyone who likes to work fast, simple, reasonable and space-saving. From the separate sealing and clampung function results a clear division of functions. Due to the pressure-depending clamp force, pressure load will adapt individually depending on the situation.

Without compromise - connectors made by BEULCO.


for plastic pipes:
Ø 16 mm to Ø 75 mm


  • Drinking water
  • Cold and warm water up to 40 °C

Kind of pipes:

  • PE 80, PE 100
  • PE-Xa
  • PVC (with clamping ring made of brass for PVC pipes)

The connector consist of only three components, thus our connector enables a quick and simple assembly without any special tool. The current status of technology enables a connector without insert pipe. Therefore you only need one connector for each pipe dimension - pipe wall thickness is not longer an issue. For using our connectors with PVC pipes, a brass clamping set is necessary.

The sealing function is given by a profile seal ring which is placed in the connector body. Thus, the connector is characterized by a separate sealing an clamping function. By using a profile seal, there will be no problems with grooves on the surface of the pipe.

Our connectors are made of thermally unstressed Ecobrass. Ecobrass is a lead-free alloy, qualified for using in drinking water areas according to drinking water regulation. The reliable brass is characterized by dezincification resistance and high durability.

DIN 8076-1DN 20 - DN 50Cold water
SVGW W/TPW 157DN 12 - DN 63Cold water
ACS /13 ACC LY 190Hygiene water

You can find the latest certificates here.

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