The plug-in connector.

for drinking water, water and gas.

The BEULCONNECT plug-in connector is constructed in such a way that it clamps the pipe by a gentle plug-in technology. It is leakproof for a lifetime and enables a trouble-free and stress-free installation. The plug-in connector guarantees special safety: The pipe has only to be plugged-in – a control can be omitted.

The quick and simple alternative: Just 2 seconds for a safe connection. 


for plastic pipes
Ø 25mm up to Ø63 mm


  • Drinking water up to 40°C
  • Cold and warm water up to 40°C
  • Utilisation of rainwater
  • Gas (by use of insert pipe)

Kind of pipes:

  • PE80, PE100
  • PE-Xa
  • PVC (with brass clamping ring for PVC-pipes)

The material-friendly connecting technique enables that the pipe is only stressed as the relations of
pression and torsion demand. Premature wear due to overstressing of material and subsequent troublescan be excluded. The metal clamping claw enables a torsion-free assembly by its positioning. The connector can easiliy be dismounted – all components can be reused without problems.

For the application in the field of gas the connector has an additional insert pipe to stabilise the pipe.

For the application in the field of drinking water the connector has the proven EPDM profile gasket which reliably seals minor damages on the surface. The plug-in connectors for the application in the fields of water and gas additionally have a special o-ring. The sealing and clamping functions are separated and independent which makes the connector extraordinarily safe.

Our connectors are made of thermally unstressed brass and Ecobrass. Ecobrass is a lead-free alloy, qualified for using in drinking water areas according to European drinking water directive 98/837EC. The material meets the hygienic and legal requirements for drinking water. The reliable brass is characterized by dezincification resistance and high durability.


Plug-in connector for water


DIN 8076/ DVGW GW 335-B4DN 20 - DN 50Water
Kiwa BRL-K 17105/01DN 20 - DN 50Water
ACS /13 ACC LY190DN 20 - DN 50Hygiene Water




Plug-in connector for gas


DVGW G5600-1DN 25 - DN 50Gas



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