Frostproof Garden Hydrant

BEULCO's new frostproofen garden hydrant is the intelligent solution for the frost-free operation of taps in gardens and parks.

For those who need to tap water outside all year round, the problem of frozen pipes and broken taps is well known. In fall, before the start of the frosty period, the time of closing the outer tap and emptying the supply line is repeatedly missed. Then the operation of the external tap is often not possible during winter. Quite different with the new BEULCO garden hydrant.

The new system scores with its simple installation directly on the water pipe - no additional components such as hydrants or caps are necessary. Depending on requirements, the height of the garden standpipe and the length of the water outlet can be individually adjusted.

Of course, the topics drinking water hygiene and drinking water protection also play a major role here. Due to the built-in backflow preventer there is no risk that contaminated water enters the drinking water. With this standpipe it is possible to tap water outdoors all year round - even in winter.

  • Tapping of water is also possible during frost periods because the hydrant is completely emptied when in „closed“ position
  • Simple emptying per drainage
  • Wear-free operation due to the use of ceramic disks
  • Water jet and flow rate are alterable by use of different tap aerators
  • Non-return valve in the water inlet
  • Free choice of location (a wall etc. is not necessary)
  • Hydrants are also available with lockable handle
  • The water supply line needs to be installed in the frost-free area.
  • The water supply line needs to be installed in the frost-free depth.
  • Rest water drained from the body (approximately 0,3l - 0,5l ) flows into the soil. Depending on soil conditions and frequency of watertapping, a suitable gravel bed needs to be installed for taking the rest water.
  • Before the frost period starts, the hydrant must be turned into the „closed“ position in order to drain rest water into the frost free level.
  • During frost or danger of frost the hydrant must be turned in the „closed“ position after each tapping activity. This technique makes it possible to tap water during frost periods.
  • To make the drainage work, hoses and other connection parts which impede ventilation must be removed. 


HandleZinc die-cast chrome-plated
Housing parts (removal area)Chrome-plated brass
Housing tubeStainless steel
Housing parts
(in the ground)

Drip pan

Set stabilization wings (spare parts)

Basket with cap (spare parts)

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