Play it safe.

In particular, mobile and time-limited water supply points, despite seemingly professional installation, involve serious and often hazardous risk. Both the mobile system and the entire public drinking water network can be contaminated by the unfortunate coincidence of various factors. Installations or installations that are regularly used in different locations are particularly problematic here.

For this reason, the cleaning and disinfection of standpipes and backflow preventors has a very high priority. The BEULCO disinfection system enables fast and effective cleaning and disinfection of several standpipes.

The BEULCO Clean disinfectant.

For fast and safe cleaning and disinfection of dispensing systems, drinking water and wastewater systems. Powerful against E-Coli, Pseudomonas, Streptococci, Salmonella, Legionella and Coliforms.

  • Sodium hypochlorite-based disinfectant
  • Environmentally friendly, builds itself up again by 100%
  • Registered according to the Biocidal Registration Ordinance

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Cleaning and disinfection of:

  • Standpipes
  • Water meters
  • Drinking water subdistributors
  • Drinking water hoses
  • Stalls at folk festivals and markets
  • Household installations



  • Functionality of standpipes
  • Backflow preventers BA - annual mandatory test (with optional differential pressure measuring case)

Flexibility and versatility even with mobile use.

The simple design allows only the disinfection unit (metering pump with fittings and connections) to be transported to the place of use. This ensures high flexibility with little effort.


The disinfectant already reaches, under good conditions, the highest effect within 10 minutes. The system is designed for two standpipes - so several standpipes are disinfected and ready for use within a very short time. Thus, the standpipes can now be disinfected shortly before the use / release instead of before the storage.


The mounted redox meter allows a controllable result of the disinfection. The supplied disinfectant is added to the rinsing process (the water) with a quantity of 3% and causes an increase of the so-called redox value. When a redox value of 650-700 is reached, the process is complete and the standpipes are properly disinfected. The disinfectant used is harmless and can be used without protective equipment.

Information about the operation of the system

Necessary are:

  • Drinking water hose: at least 1/2 "
  • Sewage hose: at least 3/4 ", maximum 6m length

Operating pressure: at least 4 bar, maximum 6 bar

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Flushing and disinfection device

for standpipes / hoses

Model 4700BA



Differential pressure measuring case

Model 4600BA

Testing base

Model 4602BA

Prüfset Testing set

for backflow preventer BA

Model 4601BA

BEULCO Clean Disinfectiant

20 Liter canister