The extensive range of standpipes include drinking water standpipes and alumimium standpipes for the application in the field of water supply.

BEULCO drinking water stand pipes provide safety in terms of contamination and pollution. They meet the latest legal requirements. Different combinations of upper parts allow various individual solutions for your application.

BEULCO aluminium standpipes for mobile water supply and rinsing of water lines can be equipped with different upper parts depending on your needs. 

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backflow preventer BA
DN 20 and DN 40

Model 4000BA


2 backflow preventer BA DN 20

Model 4020BA


2 backflow preventer BA DN 40

Model 4050BA


8 backflow preventer BA DN 20

Model 4080BA


with tripod

Model 4091BA

Standpipe ALU

with tap valve and lockable 

Model 4000


Standpipe ALU

with 2 tap valves

Model 4020

Standpipe ALU

with C-coupling

Model 4030

Standpipes ALU

with 2 lockable

Model 4050

Standpipe ALU

with 8 tap valves

Model 4080

Standpipe ALU

with tap valve and lockable
coupling Storz 65

Model 4000NL

Due to the increased risk associated with mobile, temporary water outlets, compliance with measures for ensuring drinking water quality forms the highest priority.

Safety devices for the mobile water supply

According to DIN 806-5, a backflow preventer must be inspected semiannually and maintained annually. Various regulations point out the importance of regular checks, in order to guarantee that the components comply with the high requirements to protect drinking water.


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