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Sustainable cleanliness and hygiene For our environment and our drinking water.

Disinfectants and cleaning agents from beulco clean are based entirely on natural raw materials. All the ingredients we use are obtained from renewable raw materials and are formulated in such a way that they are not hazardous to water.

Sustainability -

beulco clean is based entirely on natural raw materials

Certified acc. to DIN ISO 9001 -

Continuous progress & highest quality standard

Made in Germany -

High-quality and reliable production in Germany

Effective -

Even small quantities have a high impact. In this way, we actively protect our environment.

What does drinking water have to do with disinfectants?


Drinking water is the focus of our activities. The BEULCO Clean division supports this approach with products for cleaning and disinfecting drinking water systems in order to prevent or eliminate contamination and germs in drinking water pipes. In this way, we reduce the risk to human health and the quality of drinking water. We only use purely natural ingredients without alcohol or chemical additives.

beulco clean products complement the portfolio with sustainable products as an alternative to conventional, chemical-based products. Unlike these, our ingredients are largely biodegradable and do not contaminate drinking water if they end up in the drain or on the ground.

Proven effectiveness

Our disinfectant solutions are extremely effective and fast-acting. With a germ reduction rate of 99.999%, which includes viruses, bacteria and fungi in equal measure, they offer comprehensive protection. They meet the highest standards: our products are virucidal, bactericidal, fungicidal and effective against enveloped viruses.

beulco clean is the ideal professional solution for effective surface disinfection. Developed without alcohol or additional chemical ingredients, it is environmentally friendly and not a hazardous substance. Our sustainability principles are reflected in the fact that it is largely biodegradable.

The application of beulco clean is quick, easy and reliable. The natural ingredients protect the environment and have no negative impact on drinking water quality.

Ingredients - for the sake of nature

Our cleaning agents and disinfectants do not contain any environmentally harmful ingredients. Instead, we rely on natural ingredients that are optimized for different applications through a variety of compositions and manufacturing processes. This enables us to offer effective products without harming the environment.

We are convinced that protecting nature is a responsibility that we should all bear. By developing and offering environmentally friendly solutions, we are doing our part to shape a sustainable future. Your trust in our products not only means protection for you and your surroundings, but also a step towards environmental protection and sustainability.

Effective and long-lasting effect

All beulco clean disinfectant solutions have the same disinfecting effect as conventional alcohol-based disinfectants - if not even more effective and long-lasting. Unlike other disinfectants, beulco clean disinfectants break down bacteria, germs, viruses and organic components into ineffective fragments so that none of them remain and they can neither multiply nor build up resistance. In addition, beulco clean disinfectants are designed for various applications - for example, beulco clean drinking water pipe & tank disinfection is also extremely effective against biofilm and the formation of new biofilm.

Multible award-winning Quality


On the road for you

If water in pipes stands still for long periods, it forms an ideal breeding ground for dangerous pathogens. At lukewarm temperatures of 20 to 50 °C, legionella in particular become a problem, while bacteria of the genus Pseudomonas in particular multiply in cold water. Facilities in which the tap water does not flow for long periods are frequently affected. Counter these dangers effectively by using our beulco clean disinfectants. In this way, you actively prevent the development and multiplication of pathogens.

Our BEULCO Service is your partner for cleaning and disinfecting drinking water installations in buildings and water supply systems.

Do you have any questions or suggestions?

Atilla Sayan will be happy to answer any questions you may have about beulco clean.


Atilla Sayan

Head of Business Unit BEULCO Clean