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Customized Solutions for brass Components and Systems We are your development and manufacturing partner
Production depth -

From the idea to packaging - all in one

DIN ISO 9001 certified -

continuous progress & highest quality standard

Made in Germany -

high-quality and reliable production in Germany

70+ years of experience -

creative spirit since its foundation in 1950 in Attendorn

Our Expertise - Your Success

The expert when it comes to water

With our in-house product line, we provide a multitude of secure connection solutions for water supply. With over 70 years of experience, we rank among the top providers of high-quality products throughout Europe. In the development and production of our solutions, we prioritize quality, safety, and, above all, innovation.

Production at the highest level

With a focus on optimizing cost and material considerations in manufacturing, high-quality products result from personalized customer consultation and product development. Our diverse and complementary manufacturing capabilities, high production depth, and extensive experience enable us to meet a wide range of customer requirements. From simple turned parts to complex assemblies, our machinery allows for efficient production.

Looking to the future

We provide comprehensive material consulting to ensure that our customers utilize the right materials for their application. Our experts collaborate closely with our customers to ensure that the chosen materials not only meet the highest quality standards but are also environmentally friendly and compliant with REACH regulations.

Your Challange - our Solution

Explore our 18,000 m² production area


With our expertise in development, production and quality, we are always ready to meet current and future market requirements.

Customer management

Good customer management is crucial for long-term cooperation and joint success. Our team is always at your disposal and will take care of your concerns - from the initial inquiry to delivery, we manage the processes and offer you comprehensive customer service.

Contact person

Your contact person will be at your side right from the start. It is particularly important to us that you can rely on us - so your contact person is always personally available for you, regardless of the issue. He or she holds the strings in our hands and represents you as a customer in our company.

Sustainability strategy

We have developed a sustainability strategy that focuses on the topic in all its facets. We want to act rather than react - and when it comes to sustainability, we always focus on the balance between the three dimensions of ecology, economy and social responsibility. We want to shape developments and not just react to requirements.

Sustainability for the customer

Sustainability in the supply chain is of central importance to us. We understand that our customers are not only looking for high-quality products, but also value environmental compatibility and social responsibility. That is why we are actively committed to making our supply chain more sustainable.

Our efforts include selecting suppliers who are also committed to following environmentally friendly practices. We are working to reduce our environmental footprint, whether through the use of environmentally friendly packaging, efficient transportation of goods or the promotion of ethical working conditions among our partners.

Common concepts

We work together with our customers to develop innovative concepts. Our aim is to create tailor-made solutions that meet your individual requirements and current market challenges.  

Together with you, we can develop ideas, optimize processes and design innovative products to increase your competitiveness. You benefit from our expertise and resources to achieve excellent results together.


Integrating e-mobility into your company fleet is a forward-looking step towards sustainability and cost efficiency. 
Together we can shape a sustainable future.

Customer visits

At BEULCO, we create unforgettable customer experiences. Our doors are always open for customers and interested parties to experience our corporate culture, our innovations and our products at first hand. You will gain an insight into how we work, our production technologies and the people who stand for BEULCO and its products.

Material advice

BEULCO understands the importance of the right material in the manufacture of metal components. Our material consulting services are aligned with our commitment to quality and customized solutions. 

Our experts are on hand to help you determine the ideal material for your requirements. We consider factors such as strength, durability, environmental impact and cost to ensure you make the best possible choice.


Our dedicated team of developers works closely with you to create customized solutions that meet your specific requirements. 

Our development processes are focused on innovation, efficiency and quality. Regardless of your industry, we develop products that meet the highest technical standards.


We offer our customers first-class design solutions. Our many years of experience and our commitment to the highest quality standards make us a reliable provider of innovative designs. 
Our design department is characterized by precision, efficiency and creativity. Whether designing components for the construction industry or plumbing and heating applications, our designs are engineered to meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

Prototype construction

We understand that innovative ideas are the first step towards outstanding products. Our prototyping department makes it possible to turn these ideas into reality. 
BEULCO emphasizes efficient and cost-effective prototyping. We understand that quick iterations are critical to refining and perfecting your ideas.

3D printing

We see ourselves as pioneers in additive manufacturing using 3D printing technology. Our passion for innovation and our commitment to quality and efficiency drive our crew to constantly explore the latest technologies and possibilities. In doing so, we not only optimize production time, but also contribute to sustainability by minimizing material waste.

High-bay warehouse

Our high-bay warehouse not only provides sufficient capacity to house our products, but also ensures that they are easily accessible and well protected. With proven warehouse technology and precise inventory management, we can process orders quickly and reliably.

Material & semi-finished products

We place the highest value on the procurement and processing of materials that meet the most demanding standards. Our comprehensive range of materials and semi-finished products is carefully selected and subject to strict quality controls. The result is a product range you can rely on, whether for your own manufacturing processes or as part of our own products. 
Our commitment to quality and sustainability is reflected in our material sourcing and processing. We are proud to offer materials and semi-finished products that not only meet your technical requirements, but also protect the environment.

Pressing (hot forming)

Our facilities and expert team enable us to produce metal components with high accuracy and consistent quality. Hot forming is a key technology in many industries and our products have a wide range of applications in the construction, plumbing and heating sectors.

Deburring system

We use the latest deburring technology for your products. Our deburring system is equipped with advanced technology to remove sharp edges and unwanted burrs from metal components. The result is the highest quality parts that meet the strictest quality standards. 
We focus not only on precision, but also on efficiency. Our deburring processes are designed to reduce production time while maximizing product quality.

Machining technology

We have decades of experience and a dedicated team to produce high-quality, customized machining solutions. Our advanced machining techniques allow us to machine metal components with exceptional precision and efficiency. 
We pride ourselves on our ability to develop customized solutions for our customers' specific requirements. Our machining technology not only ensures first-class results, but also contributes to cost optimization.

Washing system

Our washing system is designed to remove all residues and impurities from metal components before they are further processed or delivered. We know that cleanliness is not just an aesthetic issue, but also affects the longevity and performance of your products.

Chip recycling

Our recycling processes ensure that all the metal shavings we produce are recycled. This not only helps to reduce waste, but also supports the sustainable use of resources.

Quality assurance

At BEULCO, quality comes first. Our extensive quality assurance procedures are the cornerstone of our metal component manufacturing processes. We employ rigorous controls and testing to ensure that your products always meet the highest quality standards.

Certification & authorisation

Your products are not only the result of first-class manufacturing, but are also officially certified and approved to meet the highest standards.  

Our certifications and approvals are proof of our commitment to quality and safety. Regardless of your industry, be it construction or plumbing and heating, you can rest assured that our metal components comply with the required standards and regulations.

You can find our current certificates in our download area.


Our customized component assembly offers our customers the flexibility and precision they need to meet their individual requirements, and our experienced team ensures that each assembly is manufactured according to the specific specifications and quality standards. 

We currently handle around 14,000 orders per year with a total of around 15 million assembled components.

Automatic assembly machines

In addition to manual assembly, there are six semi-automatic machines and three packaging machines to process orders even faster and more customer-specifically.


The packaging of your product is not only a protection, but also your brand message. Individual customer packaging is no problem at BEULCO. We will discuss the options with you and select the optimum packaging for your product.

Shipping and delivery

We understand that reliable shipping and on-time deliveries are crucial for you and your customers. Our experienced team oversees shipping from start to finish to give you full visibility and control.  
Count on BEULCO for reliable shipping and delivery services so you can focus on your core business.

What drives us?

Every customer is individual - the challenge is to find the perfect solution for each customer. We have a lot of experience, which is precisely what customers appreciate about us. As the first point of contact, you have all the strings in your hand - project management, production, logistics and quality. All areas have to pull together.

At the end of a project, it's incredible to see what you can achieve together as a team.

Lisa Berchter
Head of BEULCO Industry

In einem guten Team dem Kunden die perfekte Lösung für sein Problem zu bieten und Ihn beim gesamten Weg von der Anfrage bis zum Produktempfang bestmöglich zu begleiten

Fabian Wüst

It is incredible fun to offer our customers a good service, which they often look for in vain elsewhere, so that everyone is satisfied at the end of the day.
It's also always exciting to get to know other new products and to face their challenges.

Beate Palausch

Do you have questions or a project?

Lisa Berchter will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our services.


Lisa Berchter

Head of Business Unit BEULCO Industry

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