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Pressing technology

Pressing technology

In modern brass processing, hot pressing is a crucial step in the production of high-quality components with a wide range of properties. Brass is still the preferred material for drinking water and gas installations in particular, where tight components are essential.

We manufacture brass hot-pressed parts on fully automated systems with a pressing force of 250-500 tons. We also use a special cooling process for a uniform and fine microstructure with a favorable grain flow. The dies and cutting tools are designed in our own tool shop for flexible and prompt implementation

Technologies Hollow pressing process Vertical pressing process
Piece size Ø up to 125mm up to edge length 150mm
Unit weight up to 3.5kg  

Our press shop is designed for flexibility and speed. Our tool design department creates the appropriate 3D models and data for the dies in the shortest possible time.

Overall process

We keep an eye on the entire process - from sawing the press blanks to the pressing itself, deburring and blasting.


We attach great importance to efficient production processes that optimize both time and costs. We are constantly developing our production technology in order to meet the requirements of the future now.

Quality with the highest standards

Our deburring center represents a state-of-the-art and efficient facility in the production process. After the molded parts have gone through the pressing process, each part is carefully guided through the deburring center.

Each part is inspected by a sophisticated camera to determine the exact position of the part. This precise image processing technology makes it possible to ensure that each part is optimally positioned and that the die cutter can carry out its task with the utmost precision.

The entire process in the deburring center is designed to maximize not only efficiency but also the quality of the moulded parts. The automation of the deburring process ensures consistent removal of excess material, which not only improves the end products but also optimizes work processes.

Focus on sustainability

BEULCO is resolutely pursuing a sustainable approach in its manufacturing practices. One example of this commitment is the innovative use of production waste, in particular the chips produced when sawing the bar material. 

Instead of simply disposing of the chips, we focus on the efficient use of resources. The collected chips are used for blasting the pressed fittings. This helps to improve the quality, durability and functionality of the molded parts

Do you have questions about our production options?

Lisa Berchter will be happy to be your contact person.


Lisa Berchter

Head of Business Unit BEULCO Industry

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