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Manufacturing expertise
Production, pressing, casting and machining - we are experts in the metal industry

Production of components

With a high level of vertical integration.

We have specialized in the areas of casting, pressing and machining to be able to offer you a complete portfolio in the production of non-ferrous metal components. 


Based on your own expertise, you naturally have an idea of whether your product should be turned, cast or pressed. As we can cover all areas, we can suggest a more reliable and/or cost-effective alternative.


Thanks to our special type of chip recycling, we are able to process almost all copper alloys. We currently work with eight standard alloys - if these are not suitable for your applications, we will find the optimum material together.

Small and large series

In addition to large quantities, we are also able to produce medium and small series - the entire spectrum - right through to prototypes. 3D printing enables us to create an initial plastic model within a few days. This enables you to make decisions more quickly.

Optimization potential

At the start of every project, we look at your data with regard to optimization potential for materials, design and technology. We also offer cost improvement workshops and technology consulting.

Consulting & Development

We are at your side as a development partner and support you in your project right from the start. We will be happy to look at your idea, your drawing or even a possible project plan together. Thanks to our many years of expertise in the machining and processing of metals, we can support you in selecting the optimum material.

Additional services

In addition to our vertical integration, our service portfolio also includes other services. In addition to the assembly of components and individual products, we can also offer you your own customized packaging. Always with sustainability in mind, of course - we can also discuss packaging and transportation concepts.