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Machining technology

Machining technology

BEULCO is your leading partner for metal component machining technology.  

We have decades of experience and extensive know-how in metal processing to offer customized solutions for a wide range of industries. Our machining technology is characterized by precision, efficiency and quality.

Whether rotationally symmetrical workpieces from bar stock, molded parts (cast or pressed parts) or workpieces made from profile sections, we can implement all machining requirements with a high proportion of machining and with up to 120 different tools in one machine on our modern, predominantly CNC-controlled machine tools.

Technologies Automatic lathes with main and counter spindles and driven tools Multi-spindle machines (6-8 spindles) up to bar diameter 51mm Transfer machines (6-8 stations with up to 15 processing units) completely CNC-controlled
Piece size Ø up to 210mm    
Unit weight up to 5kg    


Precision and quality

We use state-of-the-art CNC machines and tools to manufacture metal components with precision. Our quality controls ensure that every part meets the highest quality standards.


Our broad range of machining services enables us to meet the needs of a wide variety of industries, including construction, plumbing and heating, automotive, pumps, mechanical engineering and many others.


We attach great importance to efficient production processes that optimize both time and costs. We are constantly developing our production technology in order to meet the requirements of the future now.


We focus on resource-conserving production and the processing of copper materials. Copper is 100 percent recyclable without losing any of its quality.

Customized solutions

At BEULCO, we understand that every project is unique. Our team works closely with you to develop customized product solutions that meet your requirements.


In addition to large series, we are also able to produce medium and small series through to individual prototypes. All quantity requirements can be realized.

Our quality assurance

In quality assurance at Beulco, we consistently rely on state-of-the-art technology to ensure the highest quality standards while promoting efficient processes. Our commitment to quality permeates all stages of production, and the integration of advanced technologies plays a crucial role.

A fundamental component of our quality assurance is the use of highly advanced digital measuring projectors. These devices have been specifically chosen to meet the requirements for the highest possible accuracy while providing a variety of advantages in terms of efficiency and data documentation.

Digital measuring projectors are not only utilized in quality assurance but also directly applied in production. This enables a comprehensive examination and monitoring of manufactured components, accompanied by the following aspects:

- Reduction of testing times
- Automated measurement
- Digitization of measurement data documentation
- Extremely high measurement accuracy

Complexity with precision

Do you have a large number of variants or demanding workpieces with numerous machining operations and/or high quality requirements and cannot find any suppliers? Where others refuse, we rise to your challenges. We are happy to produce entire product ranges for you and also handle all associated logistics processes, including order picking, warehousing and shipping all over the world.

The unique properties of brass, such as its hardness and toughness, make machining a demanding task. Precision tools and advanced technologies are essential in order to realize complex shapes and the finest details. The variety of machining steps requires a deep understanding of the material properties. Our expertise in the machining of components guarantees not only compliance with the highest quality standards, but also the creation of products with the greatest precision.

BEULCO Industry
Additively manufactured robot grippers

For two years now, we have been using additively manufactured parallel grippers and suction pads for workpiece handling with robots, which enable us to optimize costs and speed up production. The report explains how our customers benefit from this.

So why choose BEULCO?

BEULCO stands for the highest precision, quality and customer satisfaction. Our commitment to innovation and our focus on first-class manufacturing make us a reliable partner for your products. We work closely with our customers to understand their requirements and offer customized solutions. 

If you are looking for high-precision metal components that meet the highest quality standards, BEULCO is the right choice. 

On behalf of our customers, we represent their interests in standardization committees and bodies. We use this network to transfer knowledge to our customer projects. This enables us to ensure that materials, manufacturing processes and approvals meet current and, above all, future requirements.

On the safe side

We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Do you have questions about our production options?

Lisa Berchter will be happy to be your contact person.


Lisa Berchter

Head of Business Unit BEULCO Industry

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