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Digitalisation paves the way to the Future of Water supply We are at your side as a partner and leverage your potential through digitalisation
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Together with our partners, we develop maximum know-how in all areas

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Creative spirit since its foundation in 1950 in Attendorn, South Westphalia

What will the water supply of the future look like?

We also asked ourselves this question.

With the digital brand iQ water solutions, we have set ourselves the task of making water supply more efficient, safer and cheaper. With this goal in mind, we develop intelligent solutions for smart infrastructure, smart farming and smart home applications. To achieve this, we use new technologies combined with years of experience in water supply. In many countries around the world where water is not available in abundance, non-revenue water (NRW) plays an enormous role. This is water that has been "produced" but does not reach the consumer - i.e. is lost. Water is a scarce resource, and there are also high water losses in the network due to damage, unauthorized withdrawal or metering errors.

Future-oriented solutions open up a wide range of new possibilities for water supply and play a major role in Water Supply 4.0 in particular. These systems make the drinking water network and the drinking water supply more transparent, opening up a wide range of new possibilities for efficient and effective network control.

Our intelligent solutions for your industry

Smart Infrastructure

With smart infrastructure in the water supply, the entire water cycle is made more intelligent with the help of sensors, data analysis and automation. The aim is to make optimum use of the available resources and prevent unwanted water losses.


More about Smart Infrastructure



Smart Farming

It is also becoming increasingly important to optimize water consumption in the farming sector. While the scarcity of drinking water continues to increase worldwide, increased irrigation is needed in agriculture to avoid climate-related agricultural losses - here it is important to act in a resource-saving manner. 
With iQ HydrON, a digital solution is being created to efficiently irrigate fields, tailored to the individual needs of agricultural businesses.


More about Smart Farming


Smart Home

Our smart home products give you an overview of your own water, gas and electricity consumption. The data is analyzed and ensures cost transparency. This means that every consumer can see what is being consumed and when. This helps to identify optimization potential.

More about Smart Home

iQ water solutions

The digital brand by BEULCO

A few years ago, we started to address the topic of digitalization and Industry 4.0 internally. Initially, there were many doubts as to whether this was at all expedient - do we need it? Everything is actually going well as before? - we realized the benefits and endless potential that digitalization offers the company in all areas. This also led to the conviction that digitalization offers precisely these opportunities, possibilities and potential for companies in the water supply sector. This led us to create our digital brand iQ water solutions.

Our dedicated and highly qualified team is passionate about developing customized digital solutions together with customers and partners. The company attaches great importance to being more than just a service provider, but rather a trustworthy partner that accompanies its customers on the path to optimal solutions.

The team not only provides support during the development process, but also offers advice after the solutions have been implemented. This ensures that customers not only benefit from high-quality digital solutions, but can also work successfully with them in the long term.


Drinking water is the most important food- and a limited resource. We have set ourselves the task of protecting drinking water with new, intelligent and digital solutions and helping water suppliers to manage this resource in the best possible, efficient and sustainable way. Our goal is to give everyone access to clean and affordable water.

Award winning Solutions