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Smart Infrastructure

The infrastructure of tomorrow

Increasing urbanisation and the challenges of climate change are placing ever more complex demands on traditional water supply systems. Smart infrastructure refers to the integration of state-of-the-art technologies into existing supply systems in order to improve efficiency, sustainability and reliability. In the area of water supply, smart infrastructure aims to use sensors, data analysis and automation to make the entire water cycle - from extraction to distribution and disposal - more intelligent. This approach promises not only more efficient use of resources, but also faster detection of leaks, early warning systems for water pollution and overall better adaptability to changing environmental conditions.

Our Solutions

in the area of Smart Infrastructure

Other intelligent Solutions

The goal: to reduce water losses

Smart Farming

Optimised irrigation for agriculture & municipalities

iQ HydrON is perfectly tailored to the needs of agricultural businesses and provides a digital system for the efficient irrigation of agricultural fields.

Smart Home

Intelligent monitoring for energy consumption

For the smart home sector, we have developed monitors for energy consumption at home. This makes it easy to monitor and optimise water, gas and electricity consumption using a smartphone. This enables water leaks, for example, to be recognised and energy costs to be made transparent.