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Smart farming
The future of agricultural irrigation

iQ HydrON

Optimized irrigation - fit for the future

Most of the earth is covered in water. However, only three percent of it is fresh water. Liquid freshwater is a precious commodity that is becoming increasingly scarce worldwide.

Currently, water withdrawals by agriculture in this country are already at a low level, especially in international comparison. However, while water withdrawals for industry have been falling continuously, water withdrawals for irrigation in Germany have increased steadily in recent years.

iQ HydrON can be perfectly tailored to the individual needs of agricultural businesses and offers a digital solution for more efficient field irrigation. 


Your Challange - Our individual Solution

At Beulco, we understand that agriculture is a dynamic sector that places unique demands on irrigation systems. Our software solutions are designed to optimize and maximize your agricultural irrigation processes. The integration of additional sensors makes it possible to collect precise data on soil moisture, temperature and other parameters. This allows for fine-tuned irrigation based on the actual needs of your fields.

Here are some of the ways we address your land irrigation needs and challenges:


Individual adaptations and extensions

Our software is extremely flexible and can be customized and extended to meet the specific needs of your farm. Whether you want to optimize certain processes or integrate additional functions, we ensure that our software is seamlessly integrated into your irrigation infrastructure.

Connection of third-party hardware

Do you already use specific third-party hardware? Our software can easily integrate with a wide range of devices. This gives you maximum flexibility in the selection and use of irrigation technologies that perfectly match your requirements.

Well rooms and alarm centers

Our software can seamlessly integrate well rooms and alarm centers into your irrigation control system. Monitor water consumption, detect deviations and receive real-time notifications via our Cloud-2-Phone system to respond immediately to changes in your irrigation.

Your dashboard could look like this

Digital twin of the irrigation area

iQ HydrON creates a digital twin of the irrigation area, which helps to analyze the effectiveness of irrigation measures.
The basic package clearly displays water sources (e.g. hydrants, lines and standpipes) and water consumption data*.

See exactly where something is located

The interactive map gives you a precise overview of everything.


Recorded and created data is clearly displayed on the dashboard. Depending on the application, these can be called up in different categories and their presentation can be customized. This makes it possible to compare different data at the touch of a button (e.g. line utilization) or to put them in relation to each other (e.g. farmers and assigned standpipes).


Many different sensors such as leaf wetness sensors, weather stations, drones, cameras and much more can be integrated into iQ HydrON. 

The weather station is able to display current weather data in the software and thus optimize the irrigation of the fields

Soil moisture

Many different sensors such as leaf wetness sensors, weather stations, drones, cameras and much more can be integrated into iQ HydrON.
The soil moisture sensor is able to determine the current moisture value in the soil

Four Factors for optimal Irrigation

1. The software

Perfectly tailored to agricultural needs.

All available information is made accessible on an individual platform, clearly laid out and perfectly adapted to the user's needs.

  • Overview of water consumption live and in history (including flow calculation for each water network node and each water pipe)
  • Notification of important changes (e.g. flow limit)
  • Automatic alarms when limit values are exceeded (e.g. temperature, battery status)
  • Data logger function makes all activities traceable and creates a history
  • Digital twin of the water network (e.g. areas, lines, hydrants)
  • Visualization of various data such as geographical, meteorological, real-time water consumption and analytical data
  • Modular customer platform (e.g. home page login, data and management)

2. The Tracker

Durable hardware for every agricultural application.

A special GPS tracker is used to meet the demanding requirements, for example for standpipe operation. The robust housing can withstand even the toughest conditions. The standpipe (or other pulse-driven water meter) can be tracked via the GPS signal to the meter.

  • Shockproof & waterproof to IP67
  • Low power consumption and long service life
  • Rechargeable battery (battery alarm)
  • Energy-saving mode for resource-saving storage
  • Storage (wakes up when water starts to run)
  • Temperature sensor with frost alarm
  • Configuration and firmware update via iQ cloud
  • Integrated end-to-end embedded network security
  • Collection and calculation of operating data

3. iQ connectIT

Customizable sensors

Our ever-growing portfolio of sensors, iQ connectIT, can be easily integrated into our customizable platform. This customizable sensor technology offers a wealth of possibilities. Integrating iQ connectIT into your systems not only allows you to collect and analyze data, but also to tailor it to your specific requirements.

They provide real-time information that enables companies to react quickly to changes and make informed decisions.

  • Extensive portfolio of integrable hardware, such as soil moisture,temperature, weather and much more
  • Customizable data transmission scheme and schedule

4. Modular structure

Durable hardware for every agricultural application

iQ HydrON can be customised and expanded to suit your needs using modules:

for example

  • weather stations
  • Soil moisture
  • Member management
  • Weather data/forecast
  • Well monitoring
  • Alarm designer
  • Customised app ( Android, Apple)

Do you have questions or your own project?

Alex Gegner will be happy to assist you with individual solutions for agricultural irrigation.


Alexander Gegner

Innovation Manager

BEULCO Digital
Optimization of irrigation in agriculture

Digitalization can help to make water withdrawal transparent and to coordinate water demand and irrigation supply based on weather data and soil moisture meters, among other things.  The aim is to provide efficient irrigation support for farmers and to document and analyze consumption patterns so that adjustments can be made if necessary.

More intelligent Solutions

Network monitoring

Transparency through endpoint monitoring

The iQ water system offers network optimization and management for water suppliers and end customers. It starts at the transfer point from the supplier to the customer and enables transparency of the transfer point and the drinking water network almost in real time. The digitalization of the house connection opens up many opportunities and benefits for the water supplier and customer. These include intelligent metering and flexible control of water consumption (smart metering)

Smart Home

Intelligent monitoring for energy consumption

For the smart home sector, we have developed monitors for energy consumption at home. This makes it easy to monitor and optimize water, gas and electricity consumption using a smartphone. This allows water leaks, for example, to be detected and energy costs to be made transparent.