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Standpipe Management

iQ TrackIT

Standpipe management

Standpipes are regularly rented out by water supply companies for drawing water from the supply network and are therefore of great importance for the safe supply of drinking water. Information or data about the standpipe and its components, such as water meters or system separators, as well as information about the tenant can often be found in a wide variety of places - usually in analog form on paper.

iQ TrackIT is the solution for modern standpipe management. Developed from a pure localization option, the platform has evolved in cooperation with water suppliers into a holistic management software that can be easily integrated into everyday life.

Simple. Clear. Efficient.


An Overview of the Functions

Localization of the standpipes

GPS trackers can be added to the standpipes to display the locations of the standpipes on the map to the nearest meter.

GPS tracker (sold separately)

The GPS tracker not only displays the position, it also transmits its current battery status and the ambient temperature. It proactively informs you when temperatures fall below 3°C so that you can take action in the event of frost and prevent damage to sensitive components. The tracker transmits twice a day.


You can draw a virtual fence - a so-called geofence. As soon as a standpipe crosses the boundary, an alarm is triggered. This allows you to track and take action if the standpipe is not being used for its intended purpose at the agreed location.


Everything in one place - everything at a glance.

The clear user interface allows you to keep an eye on standpipes and their locations, as well as contracts and customer data. There is no need for cabinets full of folders and faster work is guaranteed.

Status display

Using the colors red, green, orange and yellow, the overview shows you very simply whether a standpipe is free (green), undergoing maintenance or repair (yellow), loaned (orange) or defective (red).

Standpipe data

Here you always have the standpipe name and serial number at a glance.

Usage overview

See how often you borrow your standpipes, whether and for how long they are in storage or being repaired. The clear presentation of the data is helpful when it comes to making decisions about new purchases or further business developments.

Contract management

Manage all your customer data in one place. You can add, delete or block customers for new contracts at any time. The data can be exported quickly and easily in various file formats. Changes can of course be made at any time. If you want to assign existing customer data to a new contract, the program automatically inserts the existing data into the contract.

Create and cancel a contract

Simply enter customer data, specify the location, enter the meter reading and sign digitally - done!

The Software

Clear and efficient

The iQ TrackIT portal enables efficient and effective management of the standpipe inventory and at the same time offers a localization solution to ensure greater safety in the drinking water network.

  • Overview of all standpipes
  • All data on a standpipe can be stored
  • Concluded rental contracts can be called up as PDF files
  • Notifications of status changes (e.g. meter calibration & system separator check)
  • Theft protection via geofencing (alarm if predefined limits are exceeded)
  • Automatic alarms for limit values (temperature, battery status, rental period exceeded)
  • Data logger function makes all activities traceable and creates a history
  • Creation of customer data
  • Usage overview
  • Reservation function


Precise to the meter

The iQ TrackIT standpipe management system consists of a specially developed GPS transmitter that is attached to a standpipe and an online platform that communicates with the tracker. This enables the user to obtain an overview of the standpipes equipped with TrackIT GPS at any time via the platform.

The tracker

A special GPS tracker is used to meet the demanding requirements of standpipe use. The robust housing can withstand even the toughest conditions. The standpipe can be tracked to the nearest meter via the GPS signal.

  • Shockproof & waterproof to IPX7
  • Low power consumption and long service life (up to 3 years depending on use),
  • Replaceable battery (low battery alarm)
  • Energy-saving mode for resource-saving storage
  • Temperature sensor with frost alarm
  • Pre-installed on the standpipe or as a retrofit solution (retrofit service possible)

iQ TrackIT in short


Obligation to provide evidence and documentation

As standpipes provide direct access to the drinking water network, special care must be taken here to avoid any negative impact on drinking water quality. With iQ TrackIT, you can meet your verification and documentation obligations in accordance with DIN 2001 and W408-B1, as all actions relating to the standpipe are saved in the history.

Reservation Module

Selfservice for your customers

iQ TrackIT is the solution for modern standpipe management.

The bookable reservation module is the advanced innovation for an optimized workflow and shortened processes.
The reservation module integrated directly on the website offers you a self-service for your customers. With automatic customer interaction and a clear overview of applications, the module shortens your work processes and digitalizes them.

Sie haben Fragen?

Martin Lange will be happy to help you find the right solution for standpipe management.


Martin Lange

Head of Business Unit Digital