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Network monitoring
Transparency through endpoint monitoring

iQ water system

Intelligent water network monitoring

The iQ water system offers network optimization and management for water suppliers and end customers. It starts at the transfer point from the supplier to the customer and enables transparency of the transfer point and the drinking water network almost in real time. The digitalization of the house connection opens up many opportunities and benefits for the water supplier and customer. These include intelligent metering and flexible control of water consumption (smart metering)

Relevant information is transmitted anonymously and in encrypted form to the supply company, enabling immediate network optimization, among other things. This allows consumption peaks and idle times in the supply network to be identified. Whereas previously only the total volume was often known, consumption peaks and stagnation can now be actively reduced and even flexible tariff models can be derived. In this way, the iQ water system contributes to even network utilization and enables digital and efficient pressure management.

The efficient management of the water pressure means that pipe systems are subject to less stress and pipe bursts and leaks can be reduced or avoided. In addition, the iQ water system contributes to a significant reduction in the energy consumption of the supplier. The lost water is also known as non-revenue water.


Your Challange - our individual Solution

We understand that every customer has unique requirements and challenges when it comes to monitoring their water infrastructure. Our customized software is designed to provide you with exactly the tools you need to efficiently manage your assets while meeting the highest standards of accuracy and performance.

What makes our solution unique?


Individual adaptations and extensions

Our software is extremely flexible and can be customized and extended to meet your specific needs. Whether you need special functions to optimize certain processes or you want to integrate additional modules for advanced functions, we ensure that our software is seamlessly integrated into your existing infrastructure.

Connection of third-party hardware

Do you already use specific third-party hardware? Our software is designed to integrate effortlessly with a wide range of devices. This ensures that you can benefit from the advantages of our software without having to give up your preferred hardware.

Determination of special values and data treatment

Depending on the requirements of your water infrastructure, we can configure the software to capture specific values and handle data accordingly. This enables you to obtain the most accurate and relevant information for your operational decisions.

Your dashboard could look like this



Management Dashboard

The Management Dashboard is a powerful tool that helps companies to make their water management processes more efficient and transparent. This intelligent dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of various aspects of water management and enables well-founded decisions to be made.

Analysis & Usage

The dashboard is equipped with powerful analysis tools that make it possible to review historical data, identify trends and create forecasts for future developments. The user interface is intuitively designed so that both tech-savvy and less tech-savvy employees can easily access and understand the data.

Water consumption

The iQ water system records and displays the water consumption in the catchment area in real time. This gives those responsible a quick overview of the current situation. In addition to current consumption data, the dashboard also offers powerful analysis tools that make it possible to identify historical trends and gain precise insights into consumption.

Water temperatures

The software provides information on water temperatures (at the transfer point to the consumer). Historical temperature trends are stored in order to identify seasonal fluctuations and long-term developments. The maximum, minimum and average temperature is displayed for each network, line or connection.


All relevant messages and alarms, such as temperature violations, are collected in the dashboard and displayed at a glance.

Rights management

Comprehensive rights management allows the water supplier to assign employees the rights they need in a targeted and simple manner. The rest is hidden


In addition to the option of exporting consumption data for billing, it is also possible to send push messages to all or individual customers. If the respective house connection is equipped with the iQ control box, each individual valve can also be controlled here.

Opimization by Live Data

fast and safe

The iQ water system enables a live view of the water network of all integrated connection points. The relevant information from the connected consumers is anonymized and transmitted to the supply company in compliance with the highest security standards. This allows water suppliers to read important data from the entire water system and make decisions based on the current status - not the past.

Remote meter reading with the iQ water system

1. transmission of data from the radio water meter
  • Transmission of data by radio to the gateway (wM-Bus or LoRa)
  • Water consumption
  • Temperature, if applicable
  • Alarms, if applicable
2. transmission of data via the iQ control box
  • Highly secure TLS communication
  • Water consumption
  • Water temperature
  • Pressure
  • Alarms
  • Possibility of remote update and configuration
  • Remotely controllable valve
  • Leakage monitor for the building
  • To the iQ control box
3. wM-Bus/LoRa-Wan gateways collect the data
  • of up to 500 meters, depending on distance (<600 m) and topography
  • Data is transmitted to the cloud in encrypted form via Ethernet, LTE or Nb-IoT
  • Data is transferred to the iQ Cloud every X hours (interval can be set from 1x per hour to 1x per month)
  • To the iQ Gateway product
4. wireless water meter Nb-IoT
  • Transmission of data via Nb-IoT directly to the iQ Cloud
  • Water consumption
  • Temperature, if applicable
  • Alarms, if applicable
5. iQ Cloud collects and stores the data
  • Data is collected and stored centrally
  • on German servers
  • Accessible at any time and from anywhere
6. data is displayed for the supplier in the iQ water system
  • Display of measured values in tables, on maps and in graphs
  • Generation of alarms (by e-mail, SMS, push messages)
  • Device/meter management
  • Interfaces/export to supplier systems (e.g. billing)
  • Push messages to customers
  • Control of house connections with the iQ control box (priority switching)
  • Customised adaptations possible
7. data is displayed for the consumer (water consumption) in the iQ water system customer portal
  • Branding of the supplier
  • Display of consumption values in graphs
  • Generation of alarms (by e-mail, SMS, push message)
  • Management of the leakage monitor function
  • Push messages from the supplier

Leakage and unconscious water consumption

Non Revenue Water

Globally, 30 - 35 % of the drinking water that is transported from the water supplier to the end consumer is lost. This is partly due to leaks caused by leaking or defective components in the water supply network. Water that is lost due to leaks, theft and other factors is also known as non-revenue water (NRW). 

There is often a lack of transparency and control in the network in order to optimally manage pipes and thus operate efficient loss management. The iQ water system creates transparency and control in the water network and thus enables a new standard of efficiency and safety.

Input volume

Drinking water is supplied by waterworks

Over 70 % of drinking water in Germany is obtained from groundwater or bank filtrate. Although this is usually of very good quality, treatment is necessary in many regions. Surface water must always be treated.  This includes removing undesirable substances such as pollutants and carbon dioxide as well as enriching the water with chlorine, for example.

While water treatment for industrial purposes is sometimes carried out according to very specific specifications, drinking water treatment in Germany is carried out with the aim of meeting the requirements of the German Drinking Water Ordinance. Water that complies with the Drinking Water Ordinance can be drunk without any health risks.

Water losses

In the past 20 years, Germany has lost around 15.2 cubic kilometers of water, which corresponds to a total of around 15.2 billion tons of water or around 760 tons per year. This is according to a data analysis by the Geoforschungszentrum Potsdam (GFZ, 2023). 

Water losses result from obvious or apparent losses and actual losses.

Authorized or legitimate consumption

This is the water consumption that is distributed and documented by waterworks.

Water consumption in Germany amounts to 32.3 billion cubic meters per year. That is slightly less than the volume of Lake Constance. This means that only 17 percent of the water available in Germany is withdrawn.

Water distribution in Germany

According to the German Association of Energy and Water Industries, 188 billion cubic meters of water are available here every year. Water consumption in Germany is divided into four areas:

  • Thermal power plants: 64%
  • Industry: 23%
  • Households: 9%
  • Agriculture: 4%
Apparent losses

This includes water losses due to theft, inaccuracies in meter readings or water billing. This also includes, for example, the undeclared filling of private swimming pools.

Actual losses

These can also be referred to as technical losses and occur in the supply lines, the supply tanks and the house connections through to consumption metering. Typical losses are leaks, burst damage, overflows, etc. - here the loss is often due to outdated infrastructure. Valuable drinking water seeps into the ground unused.

Legitimate consumption, but not billed

There are consumptions that are absolutely necessary and occur, but which are not invoiced. These are, for example, fire department operations, hydrant and pipe flushing for hygiene reasons or road cleaning.

Billed, approved consumption

This is the water that actually reaches the end consumer and is calculated correctly.

Non Revenue Water

This is where non-revenue water comes in - water that is fed into the public mains but does not reach the consumer. This global problem harms the environment through the loss of drinking water, causes additional costs for utilities (production, maintenance, loss of revenue) and can have an impact on service levels and water quality.

Revenue Water

At this end point, the approved and billed consumption is the revenue water - i.e. the water that is used and paid for as it should be. On average, this amounts to around 130 liters per capita in Germany. 36% is used for personal hygiene, 27% is flushed down the toilet and 12% is used for washing clothes.

Average water consumption

Dishwashing uses 6% of our average water consumption, while a further 6% is used for cleaning, washing the car and the garden.

9% is attributed to small businesses and only 4% is used for eating and drinking. If we calculate water consumption in Germany including the consumer goods for whose production water was used, per capita consumption is as high as 5,288 liters.

iQ water system at a glance

Reading the data

iQ water control consolidates all data and sends it to the utility company in encrypted form. The process costs for meter reading can be significantly reduced with fixed networks and the readout frequency simply increased.

Save energy and material costs

Thanks to various functions, the iQ water system contributes to even network utilization and enables digital and efficient print management. In this way, the water supplier reduces energy consumption and material costs.

Data protection is guaranteed

iQ water system processes all information in a legally compliant and data protection-compliant manner. With our partner Physec, we offer you the latest security technology to protect your infrastructure.

Do you have questions or your own project?

Martin Lange will be happy to be your contact partner when it comes to a tailor-made solution for the digitalization of your infrastructure.


Martin Lange

Head of Business Unit Digital

We measure


Always keep an eye on the current water temperature in network sections or at individual connections.


The current water consumption of the entire supply network or individual lines is always available.


Always informed about the water pressure and upcoming changes.