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Smart Home
Intelligent energy monitors for the home

Energy monitoring

Essential for companies

Energy monitoring is an essential component of energy management. It brings both ecological and economic benefits by enormously increasing a company's energy efficiency. 

Thanks to comprehensive, systematic recording of energy consumption in the company, this can be actively controlled through appropriate measures. Energy monitoring involves recording and measuring energy data, which is then thoroughly evaluated and analyzed. On this basis, the adjustments that can be made to make energy consumption as efficient as possible are identified. This not only benefits the environment - energy expenditure is also kept in check with sensible energy monitoring.

The iQ energyGuard family provides the basis for effective energy monitoring. They monitor water, gas and electricity consumption, analyze it and provide the necessary transparency about costs.

iQ waterGuard

The smart monitor for water consumption

The iQ waterGuard offers reliable monitoring of water consumption. It warns you if too much water is flowing and is the perfect tool for optimizing water consumption and reducing costs. At the same time, it enables you to detect any leaks or dripping taps. This means that water damage and burst pipes can be detected and repaired at an early stage.

iQ gasGuard

The smart monitor for gas consumption

The iQ gasGuard offers reliable monitoring of gas consumption. It warns when too much gas is being consumed and is the perfect tool for optimizing gas consumption, reducing costs and determining the expected costs. Monitor, optimize, reduce costs - the iQ gasGuard as a tool for your company.

iQ powerGuard

The smart monitor for power consumption

The iQ gasGuard offers reliable monitoring of electricity consumption.

iQ energyCloud

With the iQ energyCloud, you have an overview of all your current consumption data - anytime and anywhere.

iQ energyCloud

All energy consumption at a glance from anywhere

The iQ energyCloud summarises all your iQ energyGuard data in one interface and thus provides you with centralised information about your energy consumption. Structure your projects with our location assignment and customised naming. Do you need your consumption data for other purposes? No problem with the export/import function.

Features of the iQ energyCloud

  • Access consumption data from anywhere
  • via web browser or app (Android/iOS)
  • All consumption data at a glance
  • Own names for each energyGuard
  • Assignment/grouping of individual energyGuard to locations
  • Alarm notifications
  • Download/export of consumption data with freely selectable time period
  • Backup of historical consumption data

Your advantages

With the iQ energyGuard solution

In the midst of the current energy crisis, the call for effective measures to control and reduce consumption is growing louder. Tenants, homeowners and companies are increasingly looking for ways to make their water, gas and electricity consumption transparent, keep an eye on costs and identify potential for optimization and savings. This is where the iQ energyGuard family comes in, offering every consumer or company the opportunity to actively manage their energy consumption.

Use the iQ energyGuard family in your company

Effective monitoring and management of energy consumption and costs is critical to the sustainable success of businesses, stores, branches and subsidiaries. With our advanced energy monitoring solution, we offer a comprehensive platform specifically designed to optimize energy consumption and reduce costs.

Support your own customers with energy monitoring

Use the iQ energyGuard products as a door opener for new sales opportunities. Position yourself as a pioneer in energy management. Approach your customers proactively and offer them support in identifying potential savings with the iQ energyGuard products - this promotes customer loyalty and puts you well ahead in terms of digitalization in the basic supply.

We would be happy to talk to you personally about the opportunities and benefits that the products from the iQ energyGuard family offer you and your customers.

Do you have questions or your own project?

Do you need support? From simple delivery to complete project management, including installation of our solutions, we can provide you with everything from a single source, tailored to your needs.


Alexander Gegner

Innovation Manager

From the field: What our customers say

Great device that finally allows you to see how much water is actually being used. I've also connected the device to the WLAN so I can watch it from the sofa. Great if you want to keep an eye on your water consumption. I particularly like the fact that the costs are displayed at the same time and the device warns you if something worse happens, which you don't really notice directly. You immediately feel safe somehowrer.

Amazon customer

Fast delivery and environmentally friendly packaging. No plastic waste - very nice 😀 Good device for keeping an eye on water consumption and identifying unnecessary sources of consumption. Easy installation and commissioning.

Amazon customer

I already have a smart app and a meter reader for electricity consumption. 
Now I've found a solution for gas consumption - great. The evaluation options are very versatile - see pictures - you can enter your own contract data - and also a future gas price cap.

Amazon costumer

Further intelligent solutions

The aim: to reduce water losses

Smart Farming

Optimized irrigation for agriculture & municipalities

iQ HydrON is perfectly tailored to the needs of agricultural businesses and provides a digital system for the efficient irrigation of agricultural fields.

Smart Infrastructure

Intelligent monitoring for energy consumption

For the smart home sector, we have developed monitors for energy consumption at home. This makes it easy to monitor and optimize water, gas and electricity consumption using a smartphone. This allows water leaks, for example, to be detected and energy costs to be made transparent.