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Tradition meets innovation
Intelligent solutions for the water supply

Versatility, Family & Character

A down-to-earth approach and open culture for success

We are a modern, medium-sized family business based in Attendorn (South Westphalia) and are one of Europe's top providers of high-quality water supply solutions. We have been focusing on quality, safety and, above all, innovation for over 70 years. Our aim is to think ahead and to be a reliable partner for our customers. We also break new ground, leave our comfort zone and think out of the box. 

This is how BEULCO Digital - and thus the iQ water solutions brand - was created in 2019. The basic idea of taking the analog water supply as a basis and supplementing it with intelligence, sensors and electronics to make the supply simpler, safer and more efficient has now given rise to the areas of smart infrastructure, smart farming and smart home. We have developed various technologies to establish a wide range of solutions. Naturally with the latest encryption technology.

Digitalization in the water supply

Reliable and sustainable water supply in an increasingly interconnected world

Digitalization has fundamentally transformed the water supply industry. It enables more efficient monitoring, control and management of water supply systems. With the help of sensors and digital technologies, important data is collected, analyzed and used in real time to optimize the quality and efficiency of the water supply. This not only helps to reduce water losses, but also enables a faster response to faults and better resource planning.

Our intelligent solutions from the iQ water solutions division play a major role in Water Supply 4.0. We also focus on the areas of transparency, safety, control and, above all, efficiency. These systems make the drinking water network and drinking water supply more transparent, opening up a wide range of new possibilities for efficient and effective network control.