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Building connection System
From the pipeline to the house - everything from a single source

Building Connection System

Everything from a single source

House connection technology is a critical area in the modern construction and utility sector. Since 1950, we have been developing products and systems for the secure connection of buildings to the drinking water network.

We offer a complete range, from the main pipeline to the house, and are available as a knowledgeable partner for all your inquiries.

Overview of building connection Technology

The Complete BEULCO System

Tapping Valves

The tapping valve is used to connect house service lines and serves as the interface between the main supply pipe and the building. It facilitates a branch without disrupting the supply line, thus avoiding the inconvenience to entire neighborhoods or service areas.

Our range is characterized by unique features that set it apart from other types of fittings available in the market.

Gate Valves

BEULCO shut-off valves enable the secure isolation of sections within the pipeline network or a facility. The valves are designed in such a way that spindle over-rotation and spindle breakages are not possible.

Connection Technology

Since its establishment in 1950, BEULCO has been synonymous with secure, durable brass connection technology. The product range includes various designs for nearly every application. In addition to classic connectors and fittings, we continually expand the product line, for example, with repair solutions for various types of pipes.

Compression & Plug-in Fittings

BEULCO's connector program offers you a comprehensive range of various connectors and fittings, ensuring that you find the right product for every application.

Materials are carefully chosen to perfectly match their intended use. We prioritize ensuring that our products meet the high standards and requirements of legal regulations. Our connectors for the drinking water sector, in particular, are distinguished by the use of high-quality lead-free material (CUPHIN).

Repair Solutions

With BEULCO Repair®, a new product line of innovative repair products has emerged. Our customers' concerns are important to us. That's why we developed BEULCO Repair® - to provide you with simple, secure, and flexible products for pipe repair. Here, you'll find solutions for various pipe materials (lead, stainless steel, PVC, copper, etc.), as well as solutions for PVC-C and PP-R pipes in hot water applications.

Garden Hydrant

BEULCO's garden standpipe is the intelligent solution for the frost-free operation of taps in gardens and parks.

The system excels with easy installation directly on the water line - no additional components such as hydrants or caps are necessary. After each use, the valve is drained, preventing freezing of the tap. The height of the garden standpipe and the length of the water outlet can be customized according to requirements

Mobile Drinking Water Supply

As soon as water is extracted from the network through hydrants, it falls under temporary drinking water supply. Especially mobile and time-limited water extraction points pose significant and often health-threatening risks, despite seemingly professional installation. This is because both the mobile facility and the entire public drinking water network can be contaminated due to the unfortunate convergence of various factors.

With our products and expertise, we are here to assist you.

Water Meter Boxes

In new constructions or renovations of existing properties, the construction of suitable house connection or utility rooms is increasingly being omitted. For the installation of a water meter system, a water meter box has become an optimal and common alternative.

With the use of the box, the water transfer point shifts from the inside of the building to the property boundary - allowing the water provider to access the water meter at any time.

The BEULCO water meter box is designed for the frost-free installation of the water meter system outside of buildings. The use of the box with the water meter system can be applied not only for house connections but also for connections to cemeteries, parks, small and allotment gardens, campsites, green areas, or similar areas.

Accessories for Water Meter Boxes

The BEULCO water meter box is modular in design and consists of a base module, multiple extension modules, a flexible shaft module, and a shaft cover. The modular construction not only makes the BEULCO water meter box extremely flexible for various installation situations but also ensures that the box is easy to install and can be adapted on-site.

In our product range, you will find all components for your individual project. If you need assistance, our technical service is at your disposal.

Multi-Section House Entry

The multi-service house entry points for buildings with or without a basement provide a compact and secure complete solution for introducing various utilities (gas, water, electrical, and telecommunications) into the structure. They are designed to be embedded in the concrete floor or installed in the wall. When properly installed, they ensure a reliable seal between supply or disposal lines and the protective conduit of the wall penetration.

Single-Section House Entry

The single-section house entry points for buildings with or without a basement provide a complete solution for introducing various utilities (gas, water, electrical, and telecommunications) into the building. Our product range includes solutions for both wall and concrete floor installations.

Water Meter Installation Sets

According to DIN 1988-200, brackets for domestic water meters must be installed in new installations and when modifying old systems. The BEULCO water meter connection kits are suitable for use in new constructions, renovations, and retrofitting in existing house installations.

Our range provides a variety of options. All components in contact with drinking water have already been converted to lead-free materials – choose us for added safety.

Water Meter Fittings

The extensive range of water meter fittings, extension pieces, and transition fittings provides solutions for every application.

Plug-In Coupling System for Corrugated Stainless Steel Pipes- A6

The special construction of our connectors for stainless steel corrugated pipes ensures intelligent guidance of the tube into the correct sealing position.

Connection Technology for District Heating and Remote Heating

The transport of thermal energy, i.e., heat, can occur on a large scale through district or remote heating networks, as well as on a smaller scale within heating installations. The requirements for planners and installation companies are high - the primary goal is to design the piping systems in a way that minimizes the loss of precious energy.

For use in district heating and remote heating applications, our high-quality products in the connection area are suitable.

Extensive Range

over 3,000 different brass products, systems and solutions

DIN ISO 9001 certified

continuous progress & highest quality standards

Made in Germany

high-quality and reliable production in Germany

70+ years of experience

innovative spirit since its founding in 1950 in Attendorn, South Westphalia


Do you have questions about residential connection technology? We have compiled the most frequently asked questions and answers for you.

Mobile Drinking Water Supply

The complete system with extensive service

As a market leader and specialist in the field of mobile drinking water supply, we stand by your side as a partner. With our expertise in technology, regulations, and standards, we are well-prepared to meet your individual requirements. We prioritize quality, reliability, and sustainability to ensure that drinking water supply is guaranteed in every environment and situation.

Building Technology

Specialized Products for Your Application

Our innovative products for building technology are designed to meet the needs of our customers optimally. From threaded fittings to heating and cooling distributors, as well as sampling solutions and disinfection, you will find all the necessary products and services here.