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Gate valves over 70 years of experience

With their functions, gate valves are among the most important components of water infrastructure. They are used to regulate and interrupt the flow of water in piping systems, enabling the control of water flow in various applications. Water flows are precisely controlled to meet the demand for water in households, industry and agriculture.


1" - 2"

  • Drinking water pipes


All components that come into contact with drinking water are made of high-quality UBA-compliant material. The material is suitable for drinking water hygiene and complies with the legal requirements (Drinking Water Ordinance, UBA list). The reliable brass material ensures a particularly long service life.


  • 100% leak-tested at the factory (25 bar) 
  • 100% function tested at the factory 
  • Glandless - with double O-ring seal in the upper part 
  • It is not possible to destroy the sealing cone by closing it too forcefully 
  • The attached cuff prevents the ingress of foreign bodies 
  • Full passage 
  • Practical combination options 
  • BEULCO gate valves are available with various connections 
  • Maintenance-free function


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Gate Valves

be on the safe side

Gate valves are of crucial importance in a house connection and fulfill several important functions:

Shutting off the water flow: gate valves make it possible to interrupt the flow of water into the pipe to the house. This is particularly important for maintenance work, repairs or in an emergency, when it is necessary to shut off the water supply to the building without affecting the water supply to other areas.

Isolation of the house connection: Gate valves are used to isolate the house connection from the main water pipe. This allows repairs or maintenance work to be carried out on the house connection without affecting the entire water supply system.

Regulating the water flow: Gate valves also make it possible to regulate the water flow. This can be useful to adjust the water pressure in the house or to reduce the water flow if necessary.

Safety: Gate valves provide an additional layer of safety for the house connection. In the event of a leak or malfunction, they can be closed quickly to prevent major water damage.

Overall, gate valves help to maintain control of a building's water supply and keep it running safely and efficiently. They are an essential part of any house connection system and should be properly maintained and operated to ensure a reliable water supply.

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