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Drinking Water Connection Box

For drawing drinking water from the utility network, standpipes and connection boxes are the common solution, but due to their size and weight, they are not always optimal in terms of handling. The drinking water connection box aims to address precisely these optimization gaps. Compact and light in handling, it can be transported quickly and easily, as well as stored in a space-saving manner.

Site of use
  • construction sites
  • festival areas
  • fairs and events
  • etc. 
Most important facts
  • Low weight
  • Easy handling
  • Tamper-proof
  • Protection against contamination
Technical Data
  • Dimensions: 600x400x375 mm (LxWxH) 
  • Weight: 9kg (without water meter) 
  • Connections: In - 1” male thread / Out - 1” female thread 

Technical structure

The box comes standard with a dirt strainer, a BEULCO Quickturn valve, and a backflow preventer BA DN20. It is prepared for water meters Q3=4 with an installation length of 190mm. The connections on the input side are freely selectable through the 1" male thread on the dirt strainer. On the output side, there is a drinking water hose with a 1" female thread hose connection. The backflow preventer BA DN 20 ensures protection of the drinking water network against backflow, back-siphonage, and backflow of non-potable water up to fluid category 4 according to DIN EN 1717. All components in contact with drinking water comply with UBA regulations.

General structure

With the externally mounted handles, the box can be transported and installed by just one person, similar to a suitcase. Inside, all essential elements are securely stored and protected from external influences. Of course, this also keeps all parts free from dirt. In addition to the attached hinge clasps, the closure can be extended with a lock to secure the box against external influences, ensuring maximum protection for the drinking water network.


Water Meter

To use the drinking water connection box directly, we offer it optionally with a pre-installed ultrasonic water meter (Q3=4). The ultrasonic measurement provides special accuracy that is electronically readable. The airtight meter protects everything well - ideal for use in the box.

Support Frame

Expanding the drinking water connection box with the specially adapted support frame enables ergonomic work during setup and operation of the water extraction point. The support frame comes with a work surface and can be securely positioned on solid and preferably flat ground using ground anchors or similar. Transport is also easy by folding the frame.

Dimensions: 800x600x400 mm (LxWxH)
Upper Material: Galvanized steel (frame)
Work Surface: 600x400 mm (LxW)

iQ TrackIT

The drinking water connection box is prepared for easy retrofitting to our iQ cloud upon delivery. With an optional integration of our intelligent solution, you have the opportunity to digitally monitor the drinking water supply. Consumption data is easily accessible with a click. This gives you constant oversight of important information, such as water consumption, the current position of the drinking water connection box, and the temperature inside the box. The built-in tracker allows precise identification of the location, and the box can be easily located on the platform at any time.


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Customer support

Drinking water connection box for the safe connection of e.g. construction water

Drinking water connection box