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Questions and answers about our products.

Water meter installation

Is the cover included with the water meter box?


No, a cover must be selected separately based on the load class. There are different covers available depending on the class: plastic covers A15, cast iron covers C125 and cast iron covers C250.

Is the insulation of the water meter box frost-proof?

Yes. The box body is internally lined with Styrofoam insulation. The heat entering from the bottom of the pit rises within the pit and is collected in the upper area. This allows for a frost-free installation of the water meter just below the box cover even at very low temperatures. The internally positioned Styrofoam cover, suitable for all box covers, prevents the entry of dirt and sand into the box body and serves to insulate the interior of the box against incoming heat and cold.

The selection of the box size should be coordinated with the frost-free laying depth of the pipeline and is solely the responsibility of the user. For a frost-proof installation, the water meter box, along with the base plate, should be placed at least 20 cm in the frost-free zone.

Can I modularly raise the water meter box myself?


Yes, however, the installation (Quickturn valves and water meter) will remain at the same height.

Can I install a horizontal water meter installation set vertically?


In principle, yes. The installation orientation is "indifferent" for the water meter connection set. It depends on the installation length of the water meter.

Where can I find the accessories for the water meter installation sets?


You can find all the accessories here: LINK

Mobile drinking water supply

Why do I need to use backflow preventers?

In accordance with DIN 806-5, the drinking water supply network must always be secured based on the highest possible risk. If it cannot be ruled out for what purpose the customer is using the standpipe, a backflow preventer must be employed.

How do I effectively protect the BA cartridge from contamination?

We recommend using a basket strainer in the standpipe. This protects against all coarse contaminants such as sand, stones, etc.

Why are aluminum standpipes not allowed in drinking water installations?


According to the German Federal Environmental Agency (UBA), aluminum is not an approved material for drinking water installations. Therefore, our drinking water standpipe bases are made of stainless steel.

Why is it advisable to disinfect standpipes?

Due to the frequent assembly and disassembly of components, as well as after prolonged storage, there is a risk of contamination (e.g., by dust, dirt) or even bacterial growth. Especially when standpipes are intended for use in the drinking water supply sector, there is a significant risk to human health if contaminants or bacteria enter the water. Therefore, standpipes should ideally be cleaned, disinfected, and properly stored before each use. Additional information can be found here: LINK

Garden standpipe

Can the garden standpipe be shortened?


Unfortunately, from a construction perspective, this is not possible.

Is the garden standpipe available with a self-closing handle?


No, currently, this is not part of the product range.

Can the garden standpipes also be installed on the terrace?

In principle, yes. However, the implementation depends on the individual circumstances on-site. Our contact persons are happy to advise you here. LINK


Are the materials used lead-free?


We place great importance on lead-free materials. In all connectors and water meter installation sets, all components that come into contact with drinking water have already been switched to lead-free material. In case of doubt, your contact person will be happy to check the material again before your order. LINK

From when is only lead-free brass allowed to be used?


According to REACH from 2028. However, we have been using lead-free material since 2013 and have already converted a large part of our products to it. With our products, you are on the safe side.

Is red brass lead-free?


Is red brass lead-free? No. Therefore, we have been using the lead-free material Cuphin in drinking water installations for several years.


Is beulco clean a hazardous substance?

beulco clean, along with all its agents and their ingredients, complies with legal limits, which is why the various solutions are not considered hazardous substances or do not contain any.

Can beulco clean drinking water disinfection also be used for pipes in the network larger than DN80?

Can beulco clean drinking water disinfection also be used for pipes in the network larger than DN80? Yes, beulco clean drinking water disinfection can be used for pipes of various diameters.

Can beulco clean drinking water disinfection be added to the drain in this way?


No, it cannot, as the pure disinfectant could pose issues regarding microorganisms in the wastewater treatment plant.

Do I need to wear protective clothing when handling beulco clean?

beulco clean is gentle on materials and has been dermatologically tested with a "very good" rating. Additionally, the various disinfection solutions are based on natural ingredients, so no protective clothing, goggles, or other items are required.

What are the advantages of standpipe disinfection with beulco clean compared to hydrogen peroxide?


Hydrogen peroxide is a hazardous substance, not skin-friendly, has corrosive effects, and is dangerous to handle. It poses a risk to water and must be flushed out after use, unlike beulco clean. Additionally, the application of hydrogen peroxide requires trained safety personnel and the secure storage of hydrogen peroxide.

General themes

Why can't I order directly from BEULCO?


We collaborate with partners (wholesalers) nationwide to provide you with the best possible service in your vicinity. Feel free to use our dealer locator to find the appropriate partner near you.


House connection

Is there a DVGW approval for house entries/ wall ducts?


The BEULCO single-service house entry allows water pipes to be quickly, easily, and safely introduced through the exterior masonry and the floor slab into the building. House entries solely serving water supply do not fall under the provisions of the DVGW worksheet VP 601. This can be found in point 1.1, "Scope of the Test Basis" VP 601. The test basis VP 601 applies to house connection lines made of steel or PE. This includes, according to the test basis, gas house entries or house entries that can be used for both gas and water supply. However, the test basis does not apply to house entries serving only water supply. For single-service house entries serving drinking water supply, there are currently no standardization documents under which certification of these products would be possible.


Does the A1 connector have approval for multilayer composite pipes?

That depends on the specific installation situation on-site. Your contact person will be happy to advise you on this matter.