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Standpipes - Hygiene and Safety
With the correct disinfection and storage

The correct Storage & Disinfection

Key to water quality and safety

An essential component of the complex system of mobile water supply includes standpipes, connection components, and pipes that are indispensable for temporary water supply in construction projects, emergencies, or events. To ensure efficient and safe use of the equipment, proper storage and disinfection are of the utmost importance. Incorrect storage, for example, can quickly lead to significant health risks.

Standpipe cart

Standpipe Cart

With the BEULCO standpipe cart, standpipes can be stored easily, professionally, and hygienically. Depending on the type and equipment of the standpipes, up to 15 standpipes can fit on the standpipe cart. This cart also allows for convenient transportation of the standpipes.


Disinfection system

Especially with temporally limited and mobile water withdrawal points, there is a risk that they may introduce contaminants into the pipeline network. This can pose serious and health-threatening risks. The cleaning and disinfection of standpipes and system separators are therefore of particular importance. The BEULCO disinfection system enables a quick and effective cleaning as well as disinfection of several standpipes at once.


Disinfection box

Contaminations in building water pipes can pose a serious and health-threatening danger to users. The mobile BEULCO disinfection box has been developed in accordance with applicable national standards and guidelines. It is primarily designed for the hygienic and safe disinfection of drinking water pipes in public buildings. The disinfection box is particularly well-suited for the disinfection of drinking water systems in new constructions and pipe renovations.

Backflow preventer tests

Backflow preventer tests

According to DIN EN 806-5, backflow preventers must be annually tested for functionality as part of maintenance to ensure that the technical components meet the high requirements for the protection of drinking water. Health authorities are also increasingly paying attention to the use of suitable safety devices and their flawless operation. To be on the safe side, BEULCO Service offers a cost-effective and secure alternative to elaborate self-checks or expensive shipping of backflow preventers to the manufacturer.


Disinfection of buildings

When water stands still in pipelines for an extended period, it becomes an ideal breeding ground for dangerous pathogens. At temperatures ranging from 20 to 50 °C, Legionella, in particular, becomes a problem, while in cold water, bacteria of the Pseudomonas genus tend to proliferate. Places frequently affected are schools and kindergartens where the tap water doesn't flow for an extended period during holidays. This results in an increased risk for children, customers, and employees. In case of suspicion, it is advisable to have systems and buildings professionally disinfected before reopening - BEULCO Service offers full-service for eliminating contamination in the drinking water installation.

Norms & Regulations

Norms & Regulations

In the field of mobile drinking water supply, there are numerous standards and guidelines that must be adhered to in handling drinking water. They are intended to protect drinking water from contamination and misuse.

Do you have any questions or haven't found the suitable BEULCO product?

Feel free to reach out to Christian Meinerzhagen as a contact person if you have any questions regarding the correct and optimal storage and disinfection of components.


Christian Meinerzhagen

Head of BEULCO Service