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BEULCO BlackLine Plastic connetcor

BEULCO BlackLine is the next generation of plastic connectors. Function and material have been coordinated to ensure that the connector offers the greatest possible safety and convenience during installation.

The BEULCO BlackLine product range offers plastic connectors for every application.


for plastic pipe dimensions Ø 20 mm to Ø 63 mm

Range of application
  • Drinking water
  • Water
Suitable for pipe types
  • PE

Technical structure


The connector is already firmly fitted. The clamping ring grips immediately as soon as the pipe is pushed into the connector. The sealing ring is pre-tensioned on delivery so that it is already firmly seated and sealed when the pipe is pushed in. The pressure ring holds the sealing ring in position, preventing any displacement or deformation. The pipe is inserted as far as it will go. This ensures that the pipe is always in the correct position.


The connectors are made of extremely strong and high-performance thermoplastics (PP and POM). The material is characterized by high strength, hardness and rigidity over a wide temperature range. The high heat resistance, low coefficient of friction and low water absorption make the material an interesting alternative to metal. The plastic is resistant to UV radiation and corrosion.


The seal is created by a sealing ring made of drinking water-approved elastomer inside the connector. This takes place as soon as the pipe is inserted, so that the connector is sealed from the start.


DVGW GW 335-B3 DN 12 - DN 50
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Mario Hachenberg
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Quick and easy installation

Plug and screw mechanism
The pipe should be chamfered before installation and can then be pushed into the connector with little effort. No special tools are required for installation. 

Easy disassembly
The connector has been designed so that it can be easily dismantled by loosening the nut. The components can then be removed easily and safely without risk of damage. 
removed individually. 

Compact design
The size of the connector has been kept as small as possible to enable easy installation even in tight installation situations. Assembly is carried out with just a few turns of the nut.

High Performance

Pioneering material
The connector is made of extremely lightweight thermoplastic material and has additional properties such as 
properties such as resistance to UV radiation, chemicals and corrosion. The material is tasteless and does not release any components into the medium.

Areas of application
Due to the special properties of the material, the connector is also suitable for demanding areas of application. These include mining, industrial applications, agriculture, sewage systems, etc.

Highest safety

Dynamic sealing method
The seal is pre-tensioned as soon as it is delivered. This ensures that the sealing ring is already firmly in place when the pipe is inserted and that the sealing function is guaranteed. Deformation or displacement of the sealing ring is prevented by the pressure ring.

No loose components
If the pressure nut and clamping ring are removed, there is no risk of other individual parts being lost. The pressure ring and seal remain in the base body.

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