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Connector with fixed insert pipe

With our flexible all-rounder, you always choose the right connector in the water, gas, heating, and district heating sectors

The quality and safety of our products take precedence. Therefore, our connectors are made from materials suitable for drinking water hygiene and are thus optimal for use in the drinking water sector. 


for plastic pipe dimensions Ø 16 mm up to Ø 75 mm

Range of application
  • cold and hot water up to 95 °C

  • gas up to 5 bar

  • heating / district heating

  • water with glycol

Suitable for pipe types
  • PE 80, PE 100

  • PE-Xa, PE-Xc

  • PE-RC

  • PE-RT

  • PP

Technical Structure

The connector consists of only three components and therefore enables quick and easy assembly assembly without special tools. The support tube, which is firmly connected to the base body, brings the plastic pipe into an exactly round shape. plastic tube into an exactly round shape and supports it inwardly, i.e. it maintains the internal pressure against the brass clamping ring of the connector. Even under negative pressure, no pipe deformation occurs. Due to its special contour, the fixed support tube additionally ensures the sealing function.


All components in contact with drinking water are made of high-quality UBA-compliant material. The material is suitable for drinking water hygiene and complies with the legal requirements (Drinking Water Ordinance, UBA list). The reliable brass material ensures a particularly long service life.


No long-term damage due to leaky or porous seals, as the sealing function is performed via the support tube, so no additional seals are required. The clamping mechanism, which has been tested and further developed over decades, in conjunction with the fixed support tube ensures a permanently tight connection. The sealing function is independent of the condition of the outer pipe surface. Thus, pipe grooves on the outer surface have no influence on the tightness.


ISO 17885* DN 16 - DN 50 cold water
DVGW GW335-B4 DN 16 - DN 50 cold water
SVGW W/TPW 157* DN 16 - DN 50 cold water
DVGW W534 DN 12 - DN 40 hot water
DVGW G5600-1 DN 25 - DN 50 gas
ACS/13 ACC LY 190 - hygiene/water

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