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Water Meter Box

The BEULCO water meter box is designed for frost-free installation of the water meter system outside of buildings. The manhole with the water meter system can be used not only as a house connection, but also as a water connection in cemeteries, parks, small and allotment gardens, campsites, green areas or similar areas.

Shaft height
  • 1,0 m 
  • 1,2 m 
  • 1,6 m 
Load capacity of the covers
  • up to 1,5 t 
  • up to 12,5 t 
  • up to 25 t 
Material of the covers
  • plastic
  • cast iron 

Modular Design

The BEULCO water meter shaft is of modular design and consists of a basic module, several top modules, a flexible shaft module and a shaft cover. The individual modules are screwed together at the factory to secure them for transport. In the basic module, the lines to be fed through as well as the water meter system are already locked in place at the factory. Any number of add-on modules can be plugged onto the basic module. A flexible shaft module, which can be adjusted by 16 cm in height and inclination, forms the end. The flexible shaft module is not required for angular covers for load classes B125 and C250, as they can also be adjusted without it. The shaft cover is placed on top of the end module. The modular design not only makes the BEULCO water meter chamber extremely flexible for a wide variety of installation situations, it also ensures that the chamber is easy to install and adaptable on site


The shaft body consists of a high-quality polypropylene (PP) shell with an internal polystyrene insulation. The design of the individual shaft components ensures that the entire shaft body is particularly strong. The manhole covers are optionally available in polypropylene (PP) with a load limit of 1.5 t or in gray cast iron (GG) with load limits of 12.5 t and 25 t. The connection pipes of the water meter shaft are made of DVGW-approved PE pipe. All brass components carrying drinking water are made of alloys in accordance with the German Drinking Water Ordinance and the UBA‘s assessment basis for metallic materials in contact with drinking water. The elastomers and plastics used comply with the KTW guidelines and DVGW Worksheet W 270.


Frost resistance

The shaft body is lined on the inside with polystyrene insulation. The heat penetrating from the bottom of the shaft rises inside the shaft and is collected in the upper area. This allows frost-free installation of the water meter just below the manhole cover even at very low temperatures. The internal polystyrene cover, which is suitable for all shaft covers, prevents the penetration of dirt and sand into the shaft body and serves to insulate the inside of the shaft against penetrating heat and cold. 


Water permeability 

Pressing groundwater and penetrating surface water are often critical factors for the use of water meter shafts. The BEULCO water meter chamber is specially designed for these factors. The chamber is deliberately not designed as a closed system; it thus allows the rapid escape of ground and surface water. Nevertheless, due to the high installation position of the water meter system, the installation components remain safely protected against water penetration. In contrast to closed shaft systems, the penetrating water runs off quickly and in a controlled manner via the drainage openings in the shaft floor into the seepage layer or the ground.



To ensure proper installation in all situations, the chamber is available in various designs. If it turns out to be too small on site, it can be extended and thus enlarged by means of optional extension rings. In this case, the pre-installed water meter system can be easily replaced by special BEULCO couplings to the desired height. The shaft cover can be adjusted by 16 cm in height and angle of inclination by means of a flexible shaft module (inclination cover), e.g. if the water meter is to be installed in a non-flat surface. The basic version of the water meter shaft is available in 3 installation lengths. Other lengths are of course also available on request.



The connection lines of the water meter box are, in the basic configuration, made of DVGW-approved PE pipe with a diameter of 32 mm (DN25). Both connection lines consist of a pipe instead of a threaded connection and can therefore be conveniently connected directly using various PE pipe connectors. Possible connection methods include screw, push-fit, and welding connections.


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