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Disinfection device for standpipes

To avoid health hazards when connecting mobile systems to the drinking water network, proper cleaning of these systems and installations is crucial.

The BEULCO disinfection system enables fast and effective cleaning and disinfection of multiple standpipes.

Cleaning and disinfection of
  • standpipes
  • water meters
  • drinking water sub-distributors
  • drinking water hoses
  • sales booths at folk festivals markets
  • house installations
  • functionality of standpipes
  • annualy test of backflow preventer BA  
Neccessary for use
  • Drinking water hose: at least 1/2"
  • Wastewater hose: at least 3/4", maximum length of 6m
  • Operating pressure: at least 4 bar, maximum 6 bar


Due to the frequent rental of standpipes for various purposes such as construction water supply or drinking water supply at markets and festivals, the standpipe and its components such as system separators and water meters come into contact with different types of water at different locations.

Contaminations and impurities often occur due to various situations:

  • Constant setup, use, and teardown
  • Temperature fluctuations
  • Sun exposure
  • Driving over the lines
  • Improper installation and usage
  • Lack of knowledge among users

Proper cleaning before and after use, as well as correct storage, are essential. These measures are indispensable for the providers of mobile facilities to protect human health and drinking water quality.



Under favorable conditions, the disinfectant achieves its maximum effectiveness on standpipes within 10 minutes. This means that the standpipes are disinfected and ready for use in a very short time. The standpipes can now be disinfected just before use/distribution instead of before storage. The system also allows for quick disinfection in drinking water installations without long downtime.

Flexibility and Versatility

The simple design allows for transporting only the disinfection unit (metering pump with fittings and connections) to the deployment site. This ensures high flexibility with minimal effort. Only a water connection is required on-site.

Disinfection process

The redox measuring device allows for a controllable result of the disinfection. The increase in redox voltage is achieved by adding the disinfectant to the water during the flushing process. When a redox voltage of 650mV – 750mV is reached, the process is complete, and the standpipes are thoroughly disinfected. The disinfectant used is not hazardous material and can be used without protective equipment.


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