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BEULCO Repair Repair connector

The BEULCO Repair series was developed in the interests of sustainability to avoid having to completely reinstall damaged pipes.  It offers the necessary flexibility to repair pipe damage easily and safely without the need for time-consuming repairs or a complete renovation of the supply lines. This saves costs and resources.


for plastic pipe dimensions Ø 25 mm to Ø 50 mm

  • Cold and hot water up to 75 °C

    Drinking water

Suitable for pipe types
  • PVC

  • PP-R

Technical structure

Due to the positioning of the metal clamping claw in the repair connectors, it is possible to install them without any problems. The connector is also very easy to dismantle. 

This connector is designed in such a way that it clamps the pipe using smart-grip technology, which is gentle on the material. The pipe is only stressed by the clamping ring as much as the pressure conditions require. The existing pipe is therefore not subjected to unnecessary pressure.


All components that come into contact with drinking water are made of high-quality UBA-compliant material. The material is suitable for drinking water hygiene and complies with the legal requirements (Drinking Water Ordinance, UBA list, KTW, W 270).   The reliable brass material ensures a particularly long service life.


The connector has a separate sealing and clamping function. The functions are independent of each other. This connector is therefore particularly secure.


When developing the BEULCO Repair Series, we included a number of different pipes that were used particularly frequently in the 1990s in our test track and field tests. With the following
we came to a positive result for the following pipes:

Manufacturer Des Pipe type SDR
Aquatherm greeen pipe S / fusiotherm PP-R (single layer) SDR 6
TECE Quickpipe PVC-C  
Friatec Friatherm starr PVC-C  

Combination possibilities

The BEULCO Repair connector can be connected to PP-R and PVC-C pipes. The same material can be used on both sides of the connector, or different materials can be used. This means that PP-R pipes and PVC-C pipes can also be connected.

Pipe damage that can be bridged: 180, 200, 220 and 240 mm.


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