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Frostproof Garden Standpipes

During periods of frost, frozen pipes and burst taps are known problems when drawing water outdoors. The outdoor tap cannot be used during this time.  
The frost-free garden standpipe allows water to be tapped all year round - even in the winter months.  
The garden standpipe can be installed independently of an external wall and therefore offers many application options.

Available outlet lengths
  • 150 mm (standard)
  • 250 mm
  • 300 mm
  • Handle: Chrome-plated die-cast zinc 
  • Housing parts (removal area): Chrome-plated brass 
  • Housing tube: Stainless steel 
  • Housing parts (in the ground): Brass
  • In parks and gardens 
  • In cemeteries  
  • On campsites 
  • and much more.

Technical structure

Operating principle

After each tap, the fitting on the garden standpipe is emptied automatically, preventing the tap from freezing. Operation is also possible in clayey, impermeable soil in the area where the standpipe is emptied, as the emptying water (approx. 0.5 l) drains into a small gravel bed previously placed during installation. 

The ceramic shut-off in the frost-proof area is completely maintenance-free. Depending on requirements, the height of the garden standpipe as well as the tap jet and the flow rate of the water outlet can be individually adjusted.


Installation is carried out directly on the water pipe. All that is required is a supply pipe in a frost-proof area (at least 80 cm deep) - no other additional components such as hydrants or caps are required.  
The frost-free garden standpipe has been designed for vertical installation. A wall or similar is not necessary, which means it can be used in almost any location.


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Garden Standpipes

The solution for water tapping throughout the year

The use of frost-free garden standpipes is crucial to ensure a reliable water supply in the garden during the colder months. These special standpipes are designed not to freeze even in freezing temperatures, minimizing the risk of damage and burst pipes. The advantage is that the water can be used outdoors without having to worry about frost damage. Frost-free garden standpipes therefore offer a practical and effective solution for maintaining the water supply in gardens, cemeteries or camping sites all year round, even in regions with cold winter weather.

The BEULCO system scores with its simple installation directly on the water pipe - no additional components such as hydrants or caps are required. The tap is drained after each tapping so that the tap cannot freeze. The height of the garden standpipe and the length of the water outlet can be individually adjusted as required. All that is required for installation is a supply pipe in a frost-proof area (at least 80 cm deep).