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Building Technology
Specialized Solutions for Various Application Areas

Products for Building Technology

In our diverse range of products for building technology, you will find high-quality components and fittings that contribute to the efficient and effective implementation of your building technology projects. Our products are distinguished not only by their reliability and durability but also by their easy installation and maintenance. Our commitment to quality and innovation has made us a trusted partner in the building technology industry. 

Our Products for Building Technology


Heating and Cooling Distributors

BEULCO heating and cooling distributors effortlessly create constant room temperatures. Manufactured from high-quality brass, they ensure uniform heat distribution.

Plug-In Coupling Systems - A6

With plug-in coupling systems for stainless steel corrugated tubes, the tradesperson is assured of a trouble-free installation. The Poka Yoke principle ensures intelligent guidance of the tube into the correct sealing set, ensuring that the A6 connectors are always tight.

Threaded Fittings

With a variety of different threaded fittings, the right connecting piece can be found for every installation situation in water and heating systems.

Drinking Water Hygiene and Sampling

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the current condition of drinking water and ensure compliance with defined limits, sampling of the drinking water must be conducted. The BEULCO sampling valves are particularly suitable for this purpose.

House Connection Technology

The complete system

In the field of house connection technology, you will find the complete range - from the main line to the house. In addition to connection technology, we specialize in water meter connection technology, and you will also find everything related to house connections and shut-off devices. 

Mobile Drinking Water Suppy

The complete system with comprehensive service

As a market leader and specialist in the field of mobile drinking water supply, we stand by your side as a partner. With our expertise in technology, regulations, and standards, we are well-prepared to meet your individual requirements. We place great emphasis on quality, reliability, and sustainability to ensure that drinking water supply is guaranteed in every environment and situation.