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BEULCO Repair Universal Connector

The BEULCO Repair series offers the necessary flexibility to easily and safely repair pipe damage in the event of a problem without the need for costly repairs or complete renovation of the supply lines. The universal connector has been designed to enable the connection of a wide variety of pipe types.


for plastic pipe dimensions Ø 25 mm to Ø 63 mm
and universal connection Ø 15 mm to Ø 61 mm

  • cold and warm water up to 40 °C

Suitable for pipe types
  • PE
  • PVC
  • copper
  • stainless steel
  • ABS
  • galvanized steel
  • lead

Technical structure

Easy installation thanks to a simple plug and screw mechanism: The connector is supplied ready for use so that the pipe can simply be plugged in and the nut tightened without dismantling the connector.

The connector can be easily and non-destructively dismantled and reused by loosening the compression nut. The individual parts cannot be lost as they are held in the connector. 

The size of the connector has been kept as small as possible to enable easy assembly even in tight installation situations.


The high-quality thermoplastic material is characterized by its resistance to UV radiation, chemicals and corrosion. In addition, no flavors or odors are released into the medium.


The specially shaped gasket has a large contact surface. This ensures that the seal fits tightly even with large tolerances and that the sealing function is guaranteed. Deformation or displacement of the gasket is prevented by the pressure ring. The large gasket can also be used with slightly oval pipes and reliably bridges slight surface damage.

Combination possibilities

Chemical resistance

The chemical resistance of the materials also allows them to be used with liquids other than water. The following table gives an overview of the compatibility of the connector with different chemicals. In special cases or if you are unsure, please contact us.

Chemicals suitable non-suitable   Chemicals suitable non-suitable
Waste water x     Methane x  
Acetone   x   Methanoic acid   x
Alcohol x     Methylene chloride   x
Ammonium hydroxide x     Mineral oil x  
Automatic transmission oil x     Sodium cyanide x  
Petrol   x   Sodium hydroxide (40% wasserhaltig) x  
Benzene   x   Petroleum oil x  
Butane x     Nitric acid   x
Calium sals x     Hydrocloric acid   x
Diesel x     Sulphuric acid   x
Ethanol x     Turpentine   x
Antifreeze x     Toluene   x
Glycol x     Trafo oil x  
Paraffin   x   Zinc salt soluion x  
Kresol   x   Citric acid (10% aqueous) x  
Copper salts x          


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