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Water Meter Installation Sets with valves, lead-free

At BEULCO, we aim to safeguard human health. Therefore, clean and safe drinking water is at the core of our operations. For this reason, our optimized water meter connection fittings completely eliminate the use of lead and instead utilize the premium material for drinking water installations: Cuphin.

  • for water meter Q3 = 2,5, Q3 = 4, Q3 = 10 and Q3 = 16 
  • bracket open adjustable or rigid and
  • bracket closed adjustable or rigid 
Range of application
  • for drinking water

  • for water 

  • for horizontal and vertical installation
  • with free flow/KFR valves
  • bracket open or closed and rigid or adjustable 


To enable a quick, professional, and straightforward installation, the brackets are equipped with cross slots, ensuring optimal alignment during assembly. Additionally, the fittings feature length compensation screws to guarantee the optimal installation of the water meter. To enhance the sealing of the water meter connection fittings during installation, the screws are equipped with a roughened external thread.

The extensive range of BEULCO water meter connection fittings provides the suitable product for various installation situations and requirements. By default, the water meter connection fittings come with a mounting set for attachment. If needed, these can also be ordered separately.


Due to its low zinc content, Cuphin exhibits exceptionally high corrosion resistance. It easily complies with the specifications of DIN 50916-T1 regarding stress corrosion cracking. Therefore, the use of the new water meter brackets is an investment in the future, as their exceptional durability pays off. The revised design of the brackets provides them with significantly more stability, ensuring increased safety during both installation and operation.

By employing Cuphin as a brass material, not only are future legal requirements already met, but also safety, hygiene, and health-promoting aspects are considered. The very high copper content of 76% significantly contributes to the hygiene of the drinking water installation.

Cuphin is listed on both the positive list of the German Federal Environment Agency and the GMS list of the German Association of Brass Sanitary. This confirms its hygienic and technical suitability. Through the use of Cuphin, we can meet our high-quality standards while ensuring it is lead-free.


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