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Gate valves & tapping valves
Flexible, safe and durable

Gate valves & tapping valves

central elements of the house connection

The house connection is the heart of every water supply in a building and we at BEULCO are aware of how crucial it is that this process runs smoothly and reliably.

That's why we attach great importance to quality and durability, especially when it comes to tapping the main pipe and reliably opening and closing the pipes. Of course, the right material is particularly important here.


Decisive for quality and durability

Choosing the right material for gate valves and tapping valves is crucial, as these components form an important part of piping systems in water and gas supply. The right material not only ensures the efficient functioning of these components, but also has a direct influence on the longevity and safety of the entire system.

First of all, resistance to the media transported in the pipelines plays a decisive role. The gate valves and tapping valves must be able to withstand the chemical and physical influences of the medium in order to prevent corrosion, leaks and other damage.

The strength and durability of the material is also of great importance. In many cases, these components are exposed to high mechanical loads, whether due to the pressure of the medium, temperature fluctuations or external influences. The right material ensures that the gate valves and tapping valves can withstand these stresses and reliably fulfill their function.

Last but not least, compatibility with the applicable standards and regulations is of great importance. The use of materials that meet the required standards ensures that the installation is safe and legally compliant.