BEULCO Repair® - R1

Repair connector for PP-R- and  PVC-C-pipes

Do you know this problem?

Drinking  water  supply  pipes  of  PVC-C  and  PP-R  pipes  with  which  houses  have  been  renovated  and equipped in the 90s become more and more lead after 20 – 25 years. Many pipe producers do not longer offer repair parts or the repair is too complex. So the owner has no alternative as to renovate the pipes completely.

We have the solution!

As experienced producer of connectors in the field of pipe systems we have dealt with this problem together with our customers. Now we can offer a cheap alternative for the repair of PVC-C and PP-R pipes for hot water. Instead of complex repairs by welding or adhering the BEULCO push-in connector enables to repair the damage in short time. Conduits can be filled shortly after their installations. An additional advantage is that special tools are not necessary.

Simply repairing instead of expensively renovating and disposing.  In this way the budget is credited and the environment is protected.


PP-R:                Ø 25 mm bis Ø 50 mm
PVC-C:              Ø 25 mm bis Ø 50 mm


  • Drinking water
  • Cold and hot water up to 75°C

Kind of pipes

  • PP-R
  • PVC-C


This connector is designed in a way that it clamps the pipe with a material protecting smart-grip-tech-
nology. The pipe is only claimed as it is necessary for pression relations. So the pipe is not unnecessarily stressed.

Possible combinations

Our  connectors  are  made  of  thermally  unstressed  brass  and  Ecobrass.  Ecobrass  is  a  lead-free  alloy, qualified for the use in drinking water areas according to European Drinking Water Directive 98/837EC. The  material  meets  the  hygienic  and  legal  requirements  for  drinking  water.  The  reliable  brass  is characterized by dezincification resistance  and high durability.

Range of Products

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Connector, male thread

with plastic pipe connection and male thread

Model 1101V

25 - 50 mm

Connector, female thread

with plastic pipe connection and female thread

Model 11110V

25 - 50 mm

Repair connector, male thread

with plastic pipe connection and male thread
for bridging pipe damage

Model 1102V

25 - 50 mm

Repair coupling

with 2 equal plastic pipe connections
for bridging pipe damages

Model 1106V

25 - 50 mm

Clamping ring

Model 1191V

25 - 50 mm

Insert pipe

Model 8900V

25- 50 mm



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