BEULCO Repair®

Universal Connector

With BEULCO Repair, a new range of innovative repair products emerged. Our customers‘ concerns are important for us. For that reason we developed BEULCO Repair - we want to off er simple, safe and flexible products for repairing pipe damages.

We are glad to present the first product of this range: the BEULCO Repair universal connector.

The connector was designed in a way that enables the connection of different pipe types. As an innovative product it is particularly qualified for repairing pipe damages.


PE:            Ø 20 mm - Ø 63 mm

Universal:  Ø 15 mm - Ø 61 mm


  • Drinking water
  • Water
  • Fluids other than water
    (see table of chemicals)

Kind of pipes:

  • PE
  • PVC
  • Copper
  • Stainless Steel
  • AB
  • Galvanised Steel
  • Lead

Range of Products

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with universal connection on both sides

Model 9905U

15 - 61 mm

Coupling, reduced

with universal connection on both sides, 1 x reduced

Model 99050U

21 - 34 mm

Transition Coupling

with universal connection and PE pipe connection

Model 99055U

PE: 20 - 63 mm
U:  15 - 61 mm

Transition Elbow 90°

with universal connection and PE pipe connection

Model 99301U

PE: 25 - 32 mm
U:  15 - 27 mm

Easy and quick installation

Push and screw technology

Easy installation by a simple slight and thighten technology: The connector is delivered ready for use, so that the pipe can be inserted without disassembly of the connector. The nut can be tightened without any special tools.

Simple disassembly

By backing off the nut the pipe can easily be removed from the connector. The connector is fully integrated with no loose components. There is no need for individual assembly of a split ring, sealing ring or nut. Reusability is possible. (Please note that only undamaged parts can be reused!)

Compact design

The size of the connector is minimized, to enable an easy assembly even in thight assembly situations.

Maximum safety

Dynamic sealing method

The mechanical advantage of the nut thread compresses the seal into position and thus eliminating resistance when inserting the pipe into the fitting. There is no risk of seal distortion or displacement.

Large seal

The large seal enabels use with slightly oval pipes and reliably bridges slight pipe surface damages.

Application with diff erent metals

Because of the isolating function, diff erent metals can be connected without risk. Electrostatic corrosion does not happen.

High Performance

Advanced material

The high performance thermoplastic material is characterized by resistance against UV, chemicals and corrosion. Additionally it does not impart to the water any odour, taste, colour or any constituents that could be injurious to health. Also it protects the water quality in potable water systems from growth of micro organisms.

Nominal pressure

The connector is designed for a maximum nominal pressure of 12,5 bar.

50+ life

Constructed to resist the toughest conditions: The robust connector guarantees longevity and durability to more than 50 years. 

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