Backflow preventer BA

Paragraph 17 of the German Drinking Water Ordinance says that it is necessary to install a suitable safety device acc. to DIN EN 1717 if a drinking water installation is connected with devices that are not self-secured or if it is connected to a conduit for non-potable water.

If those devices are not duly secured, harmful liquids can get into the circuit by backflow, back absorption or back pressure. Sometimes it cannot be foreseen in which category the water at operation site is classified. When using a temporarily installed drinking water supply, you can most of the time find water of liquid category 3 or 4. Such liquids can lead to a health risk of the consumer.

To avoid the backflow of materials up to category 4 into the drinking water installation, the backflow preventer BA (acc. to DIN EN 1717 a “backflow preventer with a controllable middle pression area”) is used as an approved safety device.



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Backflow preventer BA DN 20

Model 40002BA

Backflow preventer BA DN 40

Model 40002BA

Backflow preventer BA DN 50

Model 40002BA

Add-on distributor for over-ground hydrantsAnbauverteiler für Überflurhydranten

Model 4092BA

Spare parts for backflow preventer BA

Multiple Distributor

with backflow preventer BA DN 20

Model 4480BA

If there is no water tapping, the entrance and the exit back flow preventer as well as the drain valve are closed.

While tapping of water occurs, the entrance and exit backflow preventer are open.

In case of sucking back the upstream pressure drops. If the pressure difference between the front/ upstream and the middle pressure area is above 140 mbar, the entrance backflow preventer closes and the drain valve opens.

In case of back pressure the exit backflow preventer closes. In case of a leaking backflow preventer the drain valve opens.