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The BEULCO flush valve For retrofitting to standpipes

Underground hydrants are often contaminated. As a result, foreign bodies enter the drinking water and damage safety devices and fittings. By flushing the underground hydrant, foreign bodies are flushed out of the pipe system
and can therefore no longer cause any damage. Professional flushing is therefore particularly important before commissioning a standpipe.

  • Drinking Water
  • Water
the most important facts
  • Can be retrofitted with little effort
  • Also suitable for other makes
  • Quick and easy to use

Technical structure

Functional principle

Before tapping, the standpipe is flushed using the flush valve.
In the first step, the water is channelled through a special flushing chamber using a Quickturn. After flushing, the transition to regular use is made by closing the flushing chamber and opening the second chamber for tapping.


The BEULCO flush valve is suitable for all standpipes with a 2’ internal thread on the handle. Other makes can also be extended with the flush valve. 
For quick and easy handling, it is very uncomplicated and can be retrofitted directly on site.
The special contour on the flush outlet prevents unintentional attachment of hoses so that the outlet is only used for flushing. 
The flush valve can also be retrofitted with a lock so that it can remain fitted even when the standpipe is in regular use. 


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First rinse. Then tap.

Flush valve Flush valve incl. seals